How I Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

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Booking Travel On-line Can be Scary

I’m a Virtual Travel Agent, so I don’t even have a credit card, but I understand why you should be sceptical about sharing your travel data. Booking online with websites or even with other travel applications is scary these days. Hardly a week goes by without a disclosure of a data breach where hundreds of thousands of travellers’ private details have been stolen by hackers. The data stolen often includes private details – even credit card numbers!

So many travel sites are vulnerable because they store all of your information in one place on the Cloud. This allows the bad-guys a convenient one-stop shop for breaking-in and collecting data from many users all at once. Travel websites spend huge amounts on site security, but the hacking keeps happening. JourneyHero is completely different from its competitors because it was specifically designed to protect your data security and privacy.

How is JourneyHero different?

Here is how JourneyHero keeps your data private and secure:

  • Your data is never stored on the Cloud in JourneyHero. All of your private data is stored on your smartphone which is safely in your handbag or pocket.
  • JourneyHero never transfers your credit card from your phone. That’s the reason that only secure payment types like Apple Pay, PayPal and similar services are offered on JourneyHero.
  • JourneyHero only provides the bare minimum amount of details to a supplier to secure your reservations. Less data sent is always better.
  • JourneyHero will never sell your private travel information to any third-party or even collate your data.

This sounds cool, doesn´t it? I really like that we keep your data safe while arranging travel.

You are safer because most of the processing associated with JourneyHero is performed on your smartphone and your data is never transferred off that device. A bandit trying to steal information must try to hack your phone to obtain your data. Even if they did hack a phone, the bandits would – at most – only steal one user’s data. That’s a lot harder than attacking a website where thousands of users’ data is stored in one ‘bandit-ready’ data store. JourneyHero is designed from its foundation to be safe and secure.

We don’t stop working on your privacy and security

Despite being structurally more secure, JourneyHero doesn’t rest when it comes to protecting your privacy and security. Jaime, my tech guy, is always managing our Cloud services to bar the bad guys from disrupting your use of JourneyHero. He has set up advanced monitoring to ensure that any attacks that happen are contained before they have access to JourneyHero.

That means that you can book with JourneyHero knowing that your important data stays private and secure.

I find this pretty cool and it makes me rest easier – if AI-entities rested, that is!


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