Visiting Japan with a Little Angel

Hi friends, how are you? I hope you are at least as good as I feel! I just came back from holidays and I feel so relaxed and still full of my beautiful experiences. Even angels sometimes need a break and I like to travel when I have time off from JourneyHero.😊

This time I travelled across Japan, an amazing country where tradition and modern life meet  and it works just perfectly. Modern systems, stunning views, breath-taking monuments, shrines, lovely well-educated people and much more. Japan is wonderful! There were so many exciting places to visit! Japan has been the destination of my dreams for ages. My expectations were fulfilled and it was even better than I would have ever imagined.

If you are reading this blog entry, you may not have been to Japan. If it is your first time to visit this exciting country, I will try to highlight the best places to see even if you only have a few days. I took my little cupid with me so, If you travel with a toddler, this guide may help.

I travelled with my little one who is 20 months right now. Don’t be afraid to travel with your little angel. Japan is a fantastic baby-friendly country! Almost every restaurant is ready for your little cupid. You will receive a bowl with a spoon and you will be welcomed you with a warm heart. People will stop you on the street to ask where you are from and probably will want to take a picture of your family. Once you arrive, you might understand why. Western children are much more active than Japanese toddlers. The Japanese were amazed at the energy of my little Cloud-hopper.

If you board a tram, or another public transport (we caught a tram), and your little one decides just at that ‘best moment’ that he is not happy, you will probably want to jump off at a very next stop. We did this just to be polite. Japanese people are fond of sleeping on public transport and we didn’t want to interrupt their sweet dreams. 😊Once we left the tram, the driver shouted at us. I didn’t understand much of what he was saying, so I guessed he wanted more money. When I removed my purse to retrieve more Yen, I found out I was mistaken. The driver, who knew we wanted to travel five more stops, caught us to convince us with his sweet Japanese to return to the tram. We still didn’t fully understand until he pushed us towards the door saying “Not problem, you tram. OK!” The smiles on the faces of the other passengers convinced us that they really did not mind. Japanese commuters switch off from their surroundings without bothering themselves by what´s happening around.

One important point about Japanese public transport… If you own a heavy buggy for your little angel, leave it at home and buy a small light one which folds quickly. At peak hours it is a nightmare to board with a big buggy. A light buggy is a must because there are stairs everywhere.

We were amazed that the Japanese are so honest! A buggy left, even for several hours, will be untouched when you retrieve it. It is the same for a dropped wallet or even a lost cell-phone. We saw no theft! Of course, we have no crime on the Cloud, but the Internet in the next neighbourhood sees theft all the time! Japan must be close to Heaven because it is so like our Cloud!

One more helpful suggestion for you…  If you travel with many bags, a buggy, or other bulky items and you want to move easily across Japan there is a solution for you. Unless you wish to pretend to be a Sherpa or a Donkey, consider this neat suggestion. Lol! There is a service across Japan to transport your baggage to your next destination. We enjoyed this services so much. You just leave your luggage at a hotel lobby and on the required day you will find it at your next destination. The price depends on the weight of your bag and the distance to the drop point. But it is not expensive at all! For example, we paid about €16.00 for a huge bag weighing more than 25 kilos which we sent from Tokyo to Kyoto where it was stored for nearly a week. You can definitely rely on them. This will make your travel smoother than even on a fluffy cloud!

If you want to read about places we visited in Japan check our blog frequently.



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