Sip Soup at Costa do Sauipe!

Do you fancy visiting a tropical paradise where the sands are soft and the sun is bright? Then, you’ll love the little known resort of Costa do Sauipe in the beautiful state of Salvador, Brazil. Costa do Sauipe is a vibrant all-inclusive beach resort that goes above and beyond all other properties of the same genre. This resort is off the grid for most of the dwellers of the Northern Hemisphere but it is lively, comfortable and welcoming.


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Sauipe? More like Costa do Sign-me-up!

Costa do Sauipe is enormous so there is something for everyone. It has 21 swimming pools, five sports centres and an open-air shopping centre. Despite being relatively unknown outside of Brazil, it was a venue for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, The Brasil Open tennis tournament and even the 2001 Beach Soccer World Championship. Costa do Sauipe translates from Portuguese to mean “Coast of Soup” and you’ll see their spoon logo around the resort.

Such a large resort might sound daunting but don’t be fooled, despite its size, Costa do Sauipe has maintained a boutique edge. It is beautifully set in a lovely beach location surrounded by the Eco Parque Sauipe, a reserve created to promote biodiversity in the region. This might be the only resort I’ve found that challenges the Maldives for soft sand beaches and spectacular sea views surrounded by unspoiled beauty. The surrounding coastline (6km of private white sands), rolling ocean and happy-go-lucky Bahian culture all combine to create a memorable escape suitable for all travellers.

Here’s a Pro Tip: The currency used is the Brazilian Real. About seven Brazilian Real is equal to one British Pound, though the rate regularly fluctuates.

I recommend flying into Salvador International Airport, which sits 76km (a 90-minute drive) down the coast from the resort. The airport has been recently updated and is a convenient facility which is well sign-posted in English as well as Portuguese. To reach the resort, you can take a taxi, rent a car or take a shuttle provided by the individual properties.

Here’s Another Pro Tip: Spend a couple of days in Salvador, the capital of Brazil’s north-eastern state of Bahia. This culturally rich region has spectacular sights and is well worth a visit. You can soak up the city’s cool vibe and history before or after travelling to the resort.

From relaxing by fabulous pools, to enjoying a lunch on the beach, or rejuvenating with a hot stone massage at the spa, the list of things to do at Costa do Sauipe is luxurious and decadent. What’s more, the surrounding coastline is just waiting to be explored. Here are some cool things to do in the resort:

  • Vila Nova da Praia – For all things entertainment, head to Villa Nova da Praia, the heart of the resort. Here you can enjoy endless entertainment, both night and day, including theatrical performances, musicals and cultural presentations.
  • Sauipe Spa – Enjoy the luxury services of Sauipe Spa and relax amidst the nature of Bahia. From hot rock massages to lymphatic drainage, the Sauipe Spa offers an array of state-of-the-art treatments.

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This place is so spa-cial!

  • Enjoy Sports – Volleyball, golf, handball, football, you name it, and Costa do Sauipe has it! There’s bound to be a sport for you to enjoy, whatever your age.
  • Beach Yoga – If you are a beginner, what better place to take up this relaxing pass-time? If you are an experienced practitioner, then what could be better than communing with nature at this beautiful location?

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Keep palm and carry on relaxing!

  • Quermesse da Vila – Of course this resort has it’s very own amusement park! Ride the giant Ferris wheel and spin the day away on the carousel. Hours of fun can be enjoyed by the young or the young at heart.
  • The Bahia Region –  While there’s no real need to step foot outside the resort, you might be intrigued to see what’s further up the coast. I recommend visiting the beaches of Praia da Soltura and Praia Tranquila; especially if you consider yourself to be a bit of a beach bum like me!

At Costa do Sauipe delicious Bahian cuisine combines with international dishes inspired by experienced chefs to create unique gastronomy. Prepare yourself for delicious Bahian seafood! Here are my favourites in the resort:

  • Baea – To sample the local cuisine, reserve a table at Baea Restaurant. Expect spicy dishes bursting with flavour, accompanied by live music and local dancers. Order the shrimp boobo and hauca rice.
  • Benditos Frutos – Seafood, seafood and more seafood! Benditos Frutos is a restaurant that focuses on all things fish and when you’re located next to the ocean, who can blame them? The even the décor is inspired by the beach.
  • La Villa –  For a romantic evening and a cosy atmosphere head to La Villa. The menu features a mix of Asian, Mediterranean and French cuisine. Order from the tasting menu and enjoy wine from the restaurant’s cellar!

When the sun sets on Costa do Sauipe (and even before), guests make their way to Viva Gastropub, the heart and soul of the resort. This multipurpose venue is your one-stop-shop for drinking, dancing and clubbing. The venue splits into different areas including:

  • Brahma Restaurant – The Brahama Restaurant isn’t just a great place to eat; it’s also the perfect place to enjoy a cold draft beer after a day in the sun. Brahma is one of the best known Brazilian beer companies and they make their famous products available at this bespoke venue. The decor is rustic, and the ambience is laid-back.

best seafood restaurants in brazil

Shrimply the best!

  • Budweiser Pub – For a retro evening, head to the Budweiser Pub and indulge in live music. The resident DJ is renowned for his rock, pop and electronica sets.
  • Stella Artois Bar –  Enjoy a quieter drink at the Stella Artois Bar, which sits just outside the Viva Gastropub.

I wasn’t joking when I said Costa do Sauipe is a next-level resort. The complex splits its accommodation options into three different packages, and there’s an abundance of room and suite choices at each level. Here’s the choices:

  • Sauipe Premium – The most exclusive accommodation at the resort is found at the Sauipe Premium venues. Here apartments face the sea and offer spectacular sunset views. Accommodation highlights include an infinity pool, spacious suites and a beachfront spa.
  • Sample Resorts – The Sauipe Resorts are more tailored for families, so if you’re travelling with the children, make a bee-line for this accommodation. The Kids Club and easy beach access make for an enjoyable stay.
  • Sauipe B&Bs /Inns – Sauipe Pousadas are located in the heart of the resort and offer a quiet stay amidst nature. Some rooms feature private gardens and easy access to a private beach.

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You’ll pray for your vacation to never end!

Guaranteed fun for everyone may sound difficult to deliver, but Costa do Sauipe scores highly when it comes to pleasing all travellers. While the foodies can indulge in the multiple onsite restaurants, and pampered travellers can make good use of the spa facilities, the outdoor enthusiasts can take to the coastline and explore a unique environment. This charming resort is an undiscovered gem that you’ll really enjoy!





Isabella’s Checklist

What to See: Vila Nova da Praia, Sauipe Spa, Sauipe Bahia

Where to Eat: Baea, Benditos Frutos, La Villa Restaurant

Where to Party: Brahma Restaurant, Budweiser Pub, Stella Artois Bar

Where to Stay: Sauipe Premium Brisa, Sauipe Resorts, Sauipe B&B

Where to Shop: The onsite Gift Shop, or Armazaem de Vila Shopping Mall (5km away).

Soup up your resort time!
Isabella’s Checklist

What to See: Vila Nova da Praia, Sauipe Spa, Sauipe Bahia

Where to Eat: Baea, Benditos Frutos, La Villa Restaurant

Where to Party: Brahma Restaurant, Budweiser Pub, Stella Artois Bar

Where to Stay: Sauipe Premium Brisa, Sauipe Resorts, Sauipe B&B

Where to Shop: The onsite Gift Shop, or Armazaem de Vila Shopping Mall (5km away).

Soup up your resort time!

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