Top 5 Greenest Cities on Earth for a Sustainable City Break

Across the world, people are celebrating the beauty of this wonderful planet for Earth Day. Each celebration highlights the world’s natural beauty and how it is something precious to be preserved and protected. Meanwhile, many cities are doing their part, from offsetting carbon emissions to new buildings with live habitats that promote biodiversity. Here are five of the world’s greenest cities to visit for Earth Day:


Copenhagen greenest cities

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is one of the world’s greenest cities and a leading model of urban sustainability. Denmark has been at the forefront of Green Business models that promote economic growth whilst reducing energy consumption. Today, more than 30% of Denmark’s energy is renewable, and it expects to achieve energy independence by 2050. greenest cities


Copenhagen is more than just green!

Not only is Copenhagen a city that leads when it comes to sustainability, but it is also strikingly beautiful, with quaint streets, elegant architecture, and tranquil canals.

Take the most common, (and most eco-friendly) mode of transport to discover Copenhagen by cycling or driving a solar-powered boat down the canals.

Visit the Copenhill power plant where waste is turned into energy, and visitors can venture down one of the longest artificial ski and snowboard slopes in the world. Walkthrough the Refshaleøen district where grass-roofed buildings and regenerated sustainable architecture has promoted an increase in biodiversity.

Copenhagen’s restaurants focus on organic, local ingredients with a zero or minimal waste philosophy. Dine straight from the kitchen garden at Ammas in Christianshavn, where even the left-over grain from their home-grown beer is used in the food recipes. For something special, book dinner at Geranium, the only all-organic restaurant in the world to have earned three Michelin stars.

Book your stay at the Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden where the jungle oasis swimming pool isn’t the only green thing about this place. The hotel is Green Globe certified and uses a sustainable management plan that includes practices to reduce waste and energy.


Masdar, Abu Dhabi,greenest cities

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is the greenest city in the middle of a desert. The city’s philosophy of urban development focuses on clean technologies, economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and the creation of a greener future. The project of building this eco-friendly city was even financed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Masdar, a renewable energy company in Abu Dhabi.

Stroll through the unique green space of Masdar City Central Park to experience the beauty of the intelligent sustainable design. The park’s main feature is a water tower that collects humidity for the water-efficient irrigation system feeding the park’s urban farming areas. Spend some time in this desert oasis, which is also home to walls that grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The coolest thing about the city is the self-driven electric cars that act as the premier mode of public transport.

Eco-design stretches into the pedestrian areas of the city, where buildings are cleverly constructed to channel air from the top of the structures, down into the narrow streets creating a natural cool breeze to combat the heat of the summer.

When exploring leaves you hungry, enjoy lunch at Marl’s Organic, where healthy, organic dishes are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

In nearby Saadiyat Island, Alkalime is an incredible vegan and vegetarian restaurant serving wholesome plant-based dishes in a beach-side location

Masdar’s intelligent eco design is like something from Mars!

Abu Dhabi has a number of eco-friendly accommodation options. Book your stay at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. This stunning desert hotel strives for zero waste, offering biodegradable water bottles, and making their own compost from the kitchen for their gardens, as well as using renewable energy. greenest cities



Book your next sustainable city break with JourneyHero!



With sparkling clean streets, gorgeous green spaces and architecture that boasts the best of nature, Singapore is a top contender for the world’s greenest city. Singapore’s architecture includes an array of roof gardens and skyrise greenery, so from above it looks more like a jungle canopy than a city.

Nicknamed, ‘The Garden City’, wander through Singapore’s famous green areas such as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and the Botanic Gardens, home to around 400,000 plants. Take a guided walking tour and witness a surprising diversity of wildlife in the Singapore Zoo or go kayaking in the Marina Barrage.

An urban jungle!

Visit Marina Bay, home to Singapore’s freshwater reserve, or wander through the urban tree canopy at the iconic Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay. These exquisite urban gardens showcase the symbiosis of urban living and nature, leading the way for the future of green architecture.

Discover the impressive collection at The Art Science Museum, and marvel at the architecture of this building which collects rainwater to be used in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Enjoy sustainable dishes and some of the city’s best pizza at Drunken Farmer. Here, hip vibes and an outstanding natural wine list make it a perfect evening choice. Naked Finn is a sumptuous seafood restaurant with sustainability at its core, or Kausmo serves excellent dishes that showcase the importance of zero waste.

Stay in the striking green building of the ParkRoyal on Pickering, which includes a dedicated ‘wellness floor’ and eco-friendly features such as solar-powered systems and rain harvesting. greenest cities



Vancouver is a city whose residents have a strong connection to the outdoors. Surrounded by soaring mountains and open ocean, nature is a part of this place, and Vancouver has implemented a range of impressive green initiatives.

The city is not only known for its impressive recycling habits, but Vancouver also has a growing focus on using clean technologies and green construction. Make the most of the city’s outdoor spaces with a cycle through Stanley Park, where you will find open parks, forest trails and sandy beaches.

Enjoy panoramic views over this beautiful destination by hiking one of many trails in the North Shore Mountain Range.

Bridging the sustainability gap!

Take an exhilarating walk over the Capilano Suspension Bridge and marvel at the breath-taking vistas and vibrant wildlife while you stroll through the canopy. For something more relaxing, hunt for hot springs just north of the city.

For an oceanic exploration, head to the Vancouver Aquarium, which prioritises marine research and advocates for ocean preservation. With over 65,000 animals and 30 unique exhibits, it is the perfect day out for sea lovers.

Enjoy delicious dishes showcasing the best of regional produce at Forage. The menu here connects guests to local fishers, foragers, and farmers, with a focus on building community through food. The Kind Café is a vibrant vegan eatery or head to the Farmer’s Market to shop for local ingredients.

Stay at the Hotel Blu a centrally located hotel boasting large and comfortable rooms, which has reduced its carbon footprint by choosing green electricity. greenest cities


Zurich greenest cities

Zurich’s green initiatives range from construction restrictions that aim to preserve natural spaces, to preserving high water quality and biodiversity. Make use of the excellent public transport system to discover all this wonderful city has to offer or go the extra mile by cycling or walking.

A visit to the Zurich Zoo will not only delight animal lovers, but it is also an important research centre for discovering and preserving endangered animals. In warmer weather, a dip in Zurich Lake promises to be refreshingly clean.

Admire ancient architecture with a walk through Altstadt (Old Town) and marvel at the beauty of The Limmat waterfront.

Explore Switzerland’s rich history and culture at the Swiss National Museum or enjoy the beauty of The Grossmünster Church.

Stroll through the tranquil green spaces of the Zurich Botanical Gardens where three-domed greenhouses have different climatic conditions to house a range of plant species. The surrounding gardens contain more than 8,000 species, used for medicine and dyeing.

Zurich Lake is crystal clear!

Dine on organically grown and seasonal ingredients at Restaurant Tüfi, with a dash of Indian spice for extra flavour. For something unique Lady Suzette offers a creative and fabulously enjoyable dining experience, innovating recipes using local organic produce.

Stay at The Hotel Storchen overlooking the Limnat River, where food and wines are sustainably sourced from the Living Circle hotel group’s own farms.

Each of these cities are not only fantastic places to visit, but they are also doing their part to protect this planet that we so love to explore. Whether sustainability is your super-passion, or you are beginning to become more conscientious, these cities are sure to leave a beautiful green imprint on your heart. Wherever you go, remember to celebrate this exceptional planet on Earth Day.





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