Things to see and do in Morocco: off the beaten track

The magic of Morocco is palpable from the moment you arrive. Bursting with vibrant colours, flavours, and smells that ignite all the senses, this incredible destination transports both the body and soul. Whilst the popular city of Marrakesh is undeniably fabulous, Morocco has so much else to explore. Why not rent a car, escape the crowds and venture off the beaten path? Here are some wonderful things to see and do off the tourist track in Morocco:


Explore Tazekka National Park

Morocco is rich in wildlife and Tazekka National Park is no exception. The surreal beauty of the landscape is breathtaking, and the park is known as a haven for bird watchers as well as wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

As a relatively lesser-known park, the air is pristine, the landscape is rich, and the wildlife has been largely undisturbed.

The Jbel Tezakka Mountain towers over the park, whilst deep canyons, cascading waterfalls, crystal lakes, and intricate caves are just some of the natural wonders you can explore here.

morocco tazekka park

Wildlife lovers can spot everything from Algerian Wolves and Golden Jackals to North African Boars. Watch out too, for the occasional scorpion!

There is currently no public transport to the park, so it can only be reached by car. Rent a car with the assurance that there won’t be busloads of tourists!


Relax in Asilah

morocco ashila beach

Perched on the breezy Atlantic coast just south of Tangier, Asilah is a quaint and quiet beach town and the perfect spot for a relaxing coastal break.

It is a popular destination among local tourists and here you will find an array of traditional shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The architecture is reminiscent of the colonial Portuguese influence and the old town is enclosed by well-preserved 15th-century ramparts and gates. Within the town, charming and colourful Moroccan doors and striking murals line the streets, nodding to the history and integration of cultures.

Visit the medina and experience the enticing atmosphere of this art and culture hub and shop for handmade local crafts. Stroll along the coastline and admire the turquoise waters and white-washed buildings or while away the afternoon on the beach.

Asilah can be easily reached by bus or car from Tangier.


Climb Mount Toubkal

For the hardy hikers and adventure seekers, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are a must-visit destination. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa, Morocco, and the Atlas Mountains, and one of the lesser trekked mountains in the range.

This adventurous trek begins in the small village of Imlil, which also has a number of restaurants, shops, and a riad to explore.

Hikers can book mountain guides from the village which will guide you through beautiful walnut groves to towering waterfalls and the traditional Berber villages before journeying to the summit.

visit morocco mount toubkal

The hike takes two days, but the trail is intermediate and not too technical during the summer. Nights are spent in basic mountain lodges, so there is no need to carry camping equipment. Whilst the trek can be a challenge, hikers are often rewarded with a spectacular sunrise over the Atlas Mountains as they reach the summit.

Imlil can be reached by private car or car share, only a two-hour drive from Marrakesh.


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Visit the holy town of Moulay Idriss

visit morocco moulay idriss

With colourful streets, rolling hills and a fascinating history, Moulay Idriss is a unique and wonderful off-the-beaten-track destination to visit.

The town has long been a historic pilgrimage destination for Moroccans of Muslim faith but has been recently opened to non-Muslim visitors in the last two decades.

The small town is situated across two hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun and is named after the first prominent Muslim ruler of Morocco, Idris I.

You can even visit the King’s tomb here. The centre of the town is home to the Zawiya of Moulay Idris I (a traditional religious school) and the Sentissi Mosque. From here visitors can also explore the pretty green streets, colourful alleyways, and striking views across the hills.

Moulay Idriss is also a good place to explore the Roman ruins at Volubilis only a 15-minute drive away. Stay in a traditional guest home and explore Moulay Idriss and Volubilis over two days.


Enjoy pristine coastline in Oualidia

Morocco’s extensive coastline is notorious, and the cleanliness of its beaches has even been awarded Blue Flag recognition. The beaches of Oualidia offer no exception, with soft sand and sparkling waters, this is a stunning destination off the tourist track.

Oualidia is a bustling town in the summer, roaring with festivities and events on every street corner. Alongside the bustle of the town, visitors will be amazed at the striking beauty of its beaches and the jetty dotted with pretty, blue boats that cut through the town’s coastline.

visit morocco oualidia beach

Spend the day trying freshly picked clams, oysters, and sea urchins from nomadic vendors that wander along the beach on three-wheeled motorbikes. Relax in the balmy breeze of the Atlantic Ocean or while away in the afternoon in one of the many beach bars along the coast.

Oualidia is a true hidden gem of Morocco and is located between El Jadida and Safi on the Atlantic coast.

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, history fanatic, or in the mood to kick back at the beach, Morocco has something on offer for every type of traveller. The beauty of this place is accentuated in its hidden gems and there is so much to explore outside the well-known destinations. Wherever you decide to go, enjoy the magic of Morocco.


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