The Power to Book and Hold

Have you ever booked and paid for travel only to find 1000 different options for better deals in your inbox the next day? Isn’t that frustrating and, frankly, irritating? You’ve already booked and paid for your trip, and it is difficult to change itineraries on most travel sites and apps.

At JourneyHero, we think differently.

Most suppliers allow a grace period from the time that you book until you pay. This is called a “ticketing time limit,” a “reservation validity period” or a “fare validity period”. This period can vary from just a few days to several weeks.

With the JourneyHero app, you don’t pay until we are asked to pay the supplier. You hold a confirmed and secure booking but, because you haven’t paid, you are still free to shop for a better deal. This is called “Book and Hold.” In fact, we will shop for you and recommend savings for you when we find it!

When it is time to pay, we will give you plenty of notice prior to your confirmed booking being cancelled. So, find a price you like, book and hold, and we will both look for something better.

This is another way we give you the power to receive money back!

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