The Power of Traveons

Traveons are our way of saying thank you for using the JourneyHero app.

Traveons are electronic vouchers that we offer for special occasions, as awards for your loyalty or because you need a little treat. They can be applied during payment just like any form of payment.

Traveons do expire, but your ‘Traveon Wallet’ is kept on the app, so we will inform you in advance if one is about to expire. You will also be informed if a new Traveon applies to you. To accept, simply review the rules and click to agree.

We want Traveons to be the easiest vouchers you’ve ever used. Just click and apply! You can only use one per traveller. So, if you have more than one Traveon in your wallet, make sure to choose the best one for that particular trip!

Traveons are our little thank you for being our customer and they are another way we give you the power to receive money back!

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