The Power of Secure Payment

We’ve all heard about or experienced firsthand the dangers of hackers. When using the JourneyHero app, you can book assured that your payment details are safe from these threats.

Payment via an app (that uses your virtual wallet) is much safer than making a purchase via a website. Apps like JourneyHero use a process called “Tokenization.” Through Tokenization, your credit card information is not passed through the Cloud. Instead, it is passed as a one-time random sequence of numbers, or a “Token.” This keeps your information invisible and safe from hackers.

Currently, the methods of payment that we offer are PayPal, Apple Pay and Visa Click to Pay. If you don’t have one of these, don’t worry! You can setup an account the first time you make a transaction with JourneyHero. Afterwards, you are able to use your new virtual wallet account for any other payments outside of our app.

When it comes to payments, we only use methods that keep your data secure. To feel safe when purchasing your travel and beyond is the real power of being invisible!

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