The Power to Receive Money Back

Travel prices change all the time. In fact, unless you booked with someone you sit next to on an aircraft, the likelihood that you spent the same as them is virtually zero. Some apps will tell you that they can accurately predict when the price will be the lowest. They cannot, even if they say they can. This uncertainty around pricing can make for a stressful booking experience.

JourneyHero is different.

When you book with the JourneyHero app, we always watch for lower prices. This means that after you have booked and even paid, we search for new itineraries of the same or better quality as your original search. If a similar or better booking for less money is found, and you choose to accept this new deal and swap, you will receive a refund directly to your wallet.

It is possible that several swap opportunities may come your way on a single trip. You are always in control of whether you accept or not and we will not change anything without your permission. So, while we cannot accurately predict the price changes of a supplier, we can continuously look for a better deal for you. We think that’s simpler and smarter.

We give you the power to receive money back, so you’ll never have to second guess your next trip.

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