The Power of Expertise

There was a time when every neighbourhood had a friendly local travel agent. This travel agent was your neighbour and knew your family, likes and dislikes. This travel agency provided personalised service because she lived right alongside you. Then, travel began to be sold over the internet and most neighbourhoods lost their travel agents.

This personalised service and local knowledge is exactly the model for Isabella, the virtual travel agent within JourneyHero. Isabella is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) creation designed to have the very best attributes of a real travel agent. She processes all data on your phone, so she is completely private to you.

You interact with her via the “Ask Isabella” mode on the main menu. You type in what you want to do and Isabella will help you find exactly what you want. She will ask you questions to ensure she has the required information and then she will execute the action.

Some examples of what you can ask include:

  • How do I change my passport number?
  • How do I enter my travel preferences?
  • I want to shop for travel
  • I want to pay for my trip


Isabella will even recommend actions to maximise your travel experience.


Isabella is one of our many tools that give you the power of being a travel expert!

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