The Power of Making Changes

Sometimes changes to travel plans, like adding a passenger or changing a date, are unavoidable. With other travel apps and sites, you are often charged high fees for making these changes, but not with JourneyHero!

We are always looking for a better deal for you. So, when you need to make a change, we just re-shop with the required changes. We almost always find a solution that is just as good, or even better, at no additional cost to you. In fact, sometimes we can even save you money with changes!

When you need to make a change, you send us a change request via Ask Isabella on the app, or through the messaging feature on our website. We will process your change request, find you the best solutions and then send you back a notification with the recommended changes. It is your choice to take our recommendations or ask us to search again. Then, we will re-shop every day from your new travel conditions and try to find even better deals.


This is another way that we give you the power to save money!

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