The Power of Finding the Lowest Price

Finding the lowest price for travel can be a game of chance with prices changing all the time.

When you book on other travel sites and apps, there is no way to tell if you are really receiving the lowest price. You only know if you are receiving the lowest price on that site at that time. Maybe the trip is less expensive on another website. This uncertainty can lead to hours of wasted time trawling the internet in search of that perfect price.

But when you book with the JourneyHero app, the price of travel is continually monitored. This means that after you’ve booked and even paid, we are still searching for new itineraries that will save you money and are a better deal. We only search for options that are lower in price while being the same or better quality, based on your original search and personalisation. While there may not be a change option every time you book, JourneyHero will always be on the lookout for that better price.

This is the main way we give you the power to receive money back!

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