The Power of Booking Insurance

After 2020, I’m sure we all have a healthy respect for travel insurance! We are happy to say that we are fully ATOL covered (Air Travel Organiser’s License) for packages purchased from the JourneyHero app.

When you make a booking that includes at least two out of the following: air, hotel and car, we automatically cover you by ATOL. At the time of making your package booking, JourneyHero will send you the ATOL insurance certificate as well as the terms of use. It is a good idea to fill out your JourneyHero app profile so that you can receive this information via email where it will be easily accessible. Otherwise, it will be sent in-app via a push notification.

If you book a single form of travel (only one of air, hotel or car), your booking will not be insured by ATOL because the licenses are only for packages. While JourneyHero App does not currently have trip insurance, it will be added in the near future.

This is another way that JourneyHero App gives you the power to find exactly what you need!

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