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Love travelling the world, but hate the typical shopping and booking process? JourneyHero knows that searching endless hours for the perfect flight, transport or accommodation can be exhausting. That is why we made a highly-customizable user profile function for our customers.

The JourneyHero app is designed to learn about your travel likes and dislikes the more you use it. This, however, takes time. If you want the app to know your travel needs quickly, we highly recommend that you update your user profile.

Clicking the User Profile button on the app takes you to a submenu where you can enter information about yourself, your family and friends, your loyalty accounts, your preferred (and disliked) suppliers, your travel preferences, interests and activities, and notification preferences. There is even a place where you can weigh the importance of your preferences and alter the weights to indicate which to use when you are travelling on business or leisure (or even both).

You don’t have to fully fill out the profile, but the more information you enter, the better we are at finding the perfect travel to suit your needs. You can supply this information with the full knowledge that it is only stored on your phone. We never save this information on the Cloud and you can change this information to suit your needs at any time.

We’ll give you the power to find the right travel, while also rest assured that your data is safe.




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