The mountains are calling in Whistler & St Moritz

Those who know me know I love the sea, but when the mountains call, their pull is stronger than any tide. When I feel that urge to explore at a new altitude, two of my favourite places I will always return to are Whistler and St Moritz. Whistler and St Moritz are world famous ski destinations, but both locations are also summer hotspots! With plenty of mountain and lakeside activities on offer in the warmer months, it’s hard to choose which season I like best in these resorts, and even harder to pick which of the two are my favourite. Here’s why:

Scenery/Activities in Whistler and St Moritz

Both Whistler and St Moritz are magical and majestic places. St Moritz is the birthplace of winter tourism, having been founded in 1864, and going on to host winter sports from 1884. It has also hosted two Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. Whistler is comparatively newer. It was conceived as a bid to win the host of the Winter Olympics in 1968, and though the bid failed, the resort continued to be built anyway and opened for the first time in January 1966. Whistler finally hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2010, and tourism there has been booming since.

Tsk – check out that Tusk!
Whistler Blackcomb resort offers hundreds of runs across the two side-by-side mountains, with wide groomed trails for beginners to avalanche safe off-piste runs for experts. Its low altitude also means it has some of the best tree runs in the world! Meanwhile St Moritz is iconic, boasting three separate ski areas with terrain for every kind of skier, and is known for incredible back country and ski touring in the beautiful Bernina Valley.
Even more exciting than the skiing is the White Turf horse racing on ice set on a frozen lake among the snow-capped mountains of St Moritz! Sip mulled wine and enjoy live music and an exciting atmosphere as you place your bets at this unique event.
Don’t let your bets slide!

Whilst both are well known for their winter ski season, it may come as a surprise that they are just as magnificent in the summer. Summer in both destinations is perfect for mountain hiking, lake swimming, sailing and paddle boarding, and even golf. St Moritz in the summer is the epitome of Swiss chocolate box idyl, but Whistler wins the summer’s main attraction with mountain biking. As famous to bikers, as Honolulu is to surfers, Whistler’s bike park is extensive, with trails for beginners to extreme riders. Whistler also hosts the Crankworkx Festival in the summer, where visitors can watch some of the best bikers in the business compete, whilst the village hosts bands, food pop-ups and parties.

Both have so much on offer for winter season and summer holiday visitors, but when it comes to activities, Whistler wins this round. I give Whistler a 9/10 for incredible skiing, that matches its summer biking, and St Moritz 8/10, for fantastic slopes, and picturesque summer mountain scenery.


Food and restaurants in Whistler and St Moritz

Whistler and St Moritz have an array of food options both on and off mountain. Whilst St Moritz focuses mainly on European cuisine and Alpine classics, Whistler has a more global selection.

On mountain dining in St Moritz is far more luxurious, with restaurants such as Trutz and El Paradiso being my favourites for fine dining alongside Alpine atmosphere. Meanwhile, on mountain dining in Whistler is more canteen-style with a selection of global dishes on offer for a quick lunchtime bite. However, you can find high end cuisine and stunning views at Christine’s on Blackcomb or Steeps on Whistler.
I (fon)due want to stop for lunch!

Whistler village has plenty of restaurants to choose from. I like Red Door, and Rimrock Café, for cosy dining and fabulous dishes, or Alta Bistro for a more unique and innovative menu alongside delicious wines. Meanwhile, St Moritz has a much larger selection of high end and Michelin starred restaurants. I like Enoteca for its wonderful Italian menu, or the Asian Fusion dishes at La Coupole – Matsuhisa, alongside the Michelin starred restaurants and fondu-focused eateries across the town.

For global, casual, and slightly more affordable dining, Whistler has plenty of options to choose from, while St Moritz is best for fine dining and glamorous restaurants. Since travelling is a treat, St Moritz just wins this round with an 8/10 (I like to feel wined and dined on holiday), and Whistler a 7.5/10 (there are options for every budget.)


Nightlife in Whistler and St Moritz

The nightlife in both these destinations starts in the afternoon! Both Whistler and St Moritz have a buzzing après scenes, as well as a vibrant nightlife. I like Longhorn’s or Dusty’s in Whistler for ski-boot table dancing and warm waffle fries, and Hauser’s Roo Bar and La Baracca in St Moritz for cocktails and character.

Canadian casual reigns in Whistler’s nightlife where pubs like Dubh Linn Gate, and Tapleys are the main evening haunts for locals and tourists alike. Playing darts and enjoying a plate of Whistler’s famous Nachos is a common evening activity. When the night goes on and party goers seek the dancefloor, Garfunkels, Tommy’s and Mojo’s are some of Whistler’s most popular night-time spots.

I can’t see any celebrities from up here!
Meanwhile St Moritz has much more glitz and glamour. Visitors can enjoy a more lavish evening of cocktails and champagne, where bars like the quirky yet classy Hemingway’s Club, or Devil’s Place are great for celebrity spotting!

Both Whistler and St Moritz have fabulous nightlife options, but whilst Whistler is cool and casual, St Moritz is chic and stylish. St Moritz comes out on top here for its iconic night-time style with a score of 9/10, whilst Whistler I rate 7.5/10 (it’s cosy, but pubs and bars can be found anywhere).



Both mountain destinations have plenty of accommodation options from apartment rentals to large ski chalets and luxury hotels. For bespoke luxury, with toned down ski casual, I like the Fairmont, the Four Seasons, or the Westin in Whistler, whilst St Moritz has more opulent accommodation options like Suvretta House or Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

St Moritz also has a selection of ski chalet’s available for rental with some even featuring private chefs and chalet staff to make sure you always return from the slopes with a drink and feast waiting. Meanwhile Whistler’s chalets, though grand and beautiful, are rarely ever staffed. Whistler also has great ski in ski out accommodations as well as affordable hostels near the village for those travelling on a budget.

Like so many of these topics, Whistler has a wider range of accommodation options for almost every budget, whilst St Moritz remains expensive in its opulent options. However, in this instance, these places score equally for me, both with a score of 9/10. I like to have an array of options at different price points, but the service of a private chef in a Swiss ski chalet is simply too wonderful to beat!
It’s a slippery walk back home!






  • With two huge mountains accessible from the village, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to ski runs and hiking trails
  • Garibaldi provincial park is jaw-droppingly beautiful
  • Whistler village is always buzzing
  • Whistler averages one powder ski day every other day
  • Has everything for a glitz and glamour ski holiday
  • Fabulous nightlife
  • Luxury food options on and off the mountain
  • Great for celebrity spotting


  • It can become really crowded in high season with lift lines up to two hours long at its worst
  • The on-mountain canteen style food isn’t quite as luxurious as Europe
  • St Moritz can be expensive
  • The town is quite large and lacks a village atmosphere



So which mountain destination peaks higher? Speaking in numbers, St Moritz wins by a fraction with a total score of 8.5/10, and Whistler with a final score of Whistler 8.25/10. St Moritz is undeniably impressive in its scenery, slopes, and amenities, but Whistler comes close behind, and is known as one of the best Mountain Resorts in North America.

If I had to pick one winner, I would have to pick Whistler as the slightly more relaxed destination that suits a wider range of visitors, and you simply cannot beat its incredible summer bike festival. But the food and luxury in St Moritz is outstanding and such a treat. Go to both and go for both seasons. It is too hard to choose between the two!





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