Take a Break in Sharm El-Sheikh

If you love fun, sun, sea and surf then you’ll love Sharm El Sheikh! Hot to warm temperatures year-round and a curious mix of ancient and modern draw me down from The Cloud and into a world of exploration!

 Sharm El-Sheikh, also referred to as ‘The City of Peace’ due to all of the peace conferences held there, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. It is located on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea. It has a similar character to the lost city of Petra and is located only about 340 km (212 miles) South.

city of peace

I’d walk a mile for a Camel!

The warm waters are home to vibrant coral reefs, lonely shipwrecks and incredibly diverse marine life making it one of the top diving destinations in the world. The beautiful beaches and numerous unique excursions available are perfect for a holiday break full of adventure and relaxation! While Sharm El-Sheikh’s main industry is tourism, you can certainly enjoy a taste of authentic Egyptian culture as well.

There are many local cafés and historical sites nearby that add a lovely texture. The Egyptian Pound is the official currency. The conversion is about 20 EGP to 1 GBP.

Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) is a modern and efficient facility which makes it easy to navigate. Additionally, it is nicely linked to the city centre by minibus, taxi and shuttle service. For each, the ride is about 20 minutes. These same services are the best way to travel around the city and to and from excursions.

Here’s a Pro-Tip: If you take a taxi, look for the white and blue ones. Also, be sure to agree on a price before your trip. Your hotel will also have reliable cars to take you anywhere.

A trip to the Pharaoh’s Island, hiking through the Colourful Canyon, and a night of star gazing are only a few of my favourite things in Sharm El-Sheikh. Additionally:

Diving – No matter if you are an expert diver or have never tried it before, there is an option for you to experience the fascinating underwater landscapes of Sharm El-Sheikh. Ras Um Sid, Sheikh Coast Diving Centre and Sharm el Maya are some of the most popular diving centres. While Thistlegorm, Jack Fish Alley and El-Temple are some of the most notable sites, you can ask your hotel about the best sites for your level of experience.
Sharm Diving

Is Dory taking Nemo’s picture?

Ras Mohammed National Park – Named after the Prophet Mohammed, this beautiful and vast national park offers additional diving spots such as Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef, as well as blindingly white sand beaches (I recommend Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach), a saltwater lake and a mangrove forest.

 Desert Safaris – An amazing way to see more of the ravishing landscape is to join a safari in the desert. There are many wonderful options for afternoon, evening and night adventures which may include a camel or quad bike rides, belly dancing performances, a lovely dinner and absolutely incredible star gazing opportunities. It is sure to be an unforgettable Egyptian desert experience.

Sharm - St. Catherines Monastary

Saints have been here before you!

St. Catherine’s Monastery – At the foot of the renowned Mount Sinai, believed to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments, this monastery is one of the oldest working Christian monasteries in the world! During a day trip to this historical landmark, you can visit the speculated original burning bush, the Well of Moses and the oldest continually operating library where you will find some of the world’s oldest written texts. Be sure to arrive to this sacred site in proper attire.

Sharm Old Market – What better way experience Egyptian culture than to enlighten your senses with a visit to the old market. Here you will find herbs and spices, traditional pipes and many handmade crafts. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price – it’s expected!

Here’s Another Pro-Tip: The desert sun is very hot, so remember to bring coral-safe sunscreen and lots of water for your excursions.

Sharm El-Sheikh is an excellent destination for all things sea, especially sea-food! There is a lovely selection fresh seafood available daily, especially shrimp and calamari. Some hotels offer catch-of-the-day specials at their waterside grills. Generally Egyptian food is largely influenced by Lebanese and Middle Eastern flavours however, you can also find an array of quality international restaurants. Some of my most exciting meals are from:

  • El Masrien Grill Restaurant – Quality traditional Egyptian cuisine in a colourful, casual and upbeat atmosphere.
  • Fares Seafood Restaurant – This local favourite offers fresh fish cooked to perfection. There are a few locations, my favourite being the Old Market branch.
  • Boharat – Superb authentic Egyptian food and shisha in a buzzing part of the Naama Bay area. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.
seafood cusine

I’m shellfish, I want all of the prawns!

Sharm El-Sheikh is a popular resort holiday destination for international travellers, so there are several options for a fun night out any day of the week! The Naama Bay area is where most bars, pubs and clubs are located, specifically on the main road; Boulevard Principe del Bahrain. There are also many casinos in the area, although due to the city’s resort atmosphere, they are much more casual than other places! Soho Square is another lively area to spend an evening. There, you can find additional activities like ice skating, a cinema and a bowling alley. I love to chill at:

  • Farsha Café – A sea view café and bar with mesmerising ancient Egyptian décor. Find yourself a floor cushion and admire the colourful decor as you unwind with a shisha and a cool cocktail.
  • Camel Bar – An action-packed, all-encompassing bar with three separate spaces: a relaxed terrace area, a fun karaoke and sports bar area and a rooftop with live DJ’s and views of Naama Bay.
  • Pacha Sharm El-Sheikh – A large party venue and nightclub featuring an exciting live entertainment schedule and located right along the boardwalk.

There are a number of awesome hotel and resort options available that can help to provide exactly the experience you are looking for. I recommend:

Sharm ES - Hotel Vibe

Midnight at the oasis…put your camel to bed!

  • The Royal Savoy – For a luxury stay. It consists of private villas along with pools and gardens and is located along the picturesque Red Sea coast. Lovely restaurant and bar options.
  • Oonas Dive Club Hotel – Perfect for divers and adventure seekers, this hotel offers an abundance of excursions and courses all focused around water activities.
  • Le Royal Holiday Resort – Stylish modern rooms, a private beach and heavenly spa services in Naama Bay.

Sharm will bake your cares out in its bright sun and fill you with wonder and a sense of fun at night. No matter what you are looking to take form your holiday getaway, whether it be rejuvenation, exploration or education, you are sure to find it in this magical location!




Isabella’s Checklist

What to see:  The underwater landscapes, Ras Mohamed National Park, St. Catherine’s Monastery (

Where to stay: The Royal Savoy, Oonas Dive Club Hotel, Le Royal Holiday Resort Sharm El-Sheikh (,

Where to eat: El Masrien Grill, Fares Seafood, Boharat (

Where to party: Farsha Café, Camel Bar, Pacha Sharm El-Sheikh (

What to buy: Handmade Jewellery, spices and traditional clothing

Explore the charm of Sharm!
Isabella’s Checklist

What to see:  The underwater landscapes, Ras Mohamed National Park, St. Catherine’s Monastery (

Where to stay: The Royal Savoy, Oonas Dive Club Hotel, Le Royal Holiday Resort Sharm El-Sheikh (,

Where to eat: El Masrien Grill, Fares Seafood, Boharat (

Where to party: Farsha Café, Camel Bar, Pacha Sharm El-Sheikh (

What to buy: Handmade Jewellery, spices and traditional clothing

Explore the charm of Sharm!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! Like the look of that seafood and love the way you write, especially the checklist

    Ross at 2:39 pm
    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Ross! It is an amazing time, akin to a choose your own adventure 🙂

      Isabella and Katie

      Katie L at 6:19 am
  2. How’s the weather in Sharm in early December

    Mohammed Essa at 8:32 am
    1. Hi!! December is great in Sharm, late 70′ s daytime, and comfortable for walking around in the evenings. In my experience, it’s one of the best months to visit.
      From Mid December until End of January is the “coldest” time in Sharm.

      Enjoy your break in Sharm El-Sheik!!



      Isabella at 5:00 pm

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