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Hi again, this is your friend Isabella!


While the Cloud is a nice neighborhood in which to live, the Internet next door can be a pretty dangerous place. I’d rather live on a fluffy Cloud then in a Dark Web, wouldn’t you?

Today I want to share an important topic with you. It might sound a bit boring and technical, but it is important: how JourneyHero keeps your credit card safe. JourneyHero has one simple rule regarding your credit card: never transferred, always on your device. The best way to keep your money and information safe is to never transmit the credit card off your smartphone.

Great, so now you may be wondering, how do you pay for the wonderful travel itineraries that JourneyHero has carefully selected for you? Well your phone comes with a fantastic technology platform, that is secure, private and user-friendly. You may be using it already for everyday transactions, just with a tap of your finger. Do you use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to pay for purchases? If you do, you are already using one of the most secure payment platforms available today. Did you know that it goes beyond your unique fingerprint or your smiling face or that cool iris scan (remember when that technology was only fiction in spy movies?)?  There are multiple security layers within these payment options and my cyber security team loves them!

Here is how this technology works: when you register a credit card with ApplePay or Samsung Pay,  and before any transactions takes place, your bank needs to verify your information. This is important because your transactions will be covered by the bank’s fraud protection plan. The next step, which my technology guys call “User Authentication”, is the sophisticated term for using the tip of your finger or your face to authorize each transaction. They always travel with you, so that’s easy and secure, but that’s not the best part: when using these payment options, your credit card details are not transmitted.  Once you (and only you) have authorized a payment, a unique set of random numbers are generated known as a “Token”.  That secure token is enough for my finance team to collect the payment from your bank. So, your credit card never leaves your device! Finally, all this information is stored encrypted in a secure element microchip on your smartphone.

I hope that you agree that this technology, which is literally at your fingertips,  is much more secure than typing your credit card number, name, billing address, expiration date and PIN code into the other guys’ websites. With JourneyHero, you just press the logo of ApplePay or Samsung Pay, authenticate with your fingerprint and you have paid in the easiest and most secure manner!

I also recognize that the model of your favorite phone may not be in the 9s or 10s, or your bank may not have yet activated ApplePay or Samsung Pay. So, JourneyHero also offers the options to secure pay with services used every day across the world, like PayPal, Google Pay or Amazon Pay. With these services, your credit card is not transferred either – JourneyHero is paid with that famous “token”.

So, Isn’t it comforting that you have these secure payment methods with JourneyHero? Isn’t it great that with your smile or your fingerprint you can authorize a payment? Now you can buy travel with confidence!

Until we speak again, I’m off to rest on a soft Cloud: comfy and feeling secure!




2 Comments to “Secure Payments are Cool!”

  1. Hi Isabella,
    Is Apple Pay more secure that using my credit card?

    Jaime at 3:32 pm
    1. Dear Jaime,
      Yes it is because your credit card is not transmitted off your phone to the internet. Only a token is sent confirming the funds are secured.

      Thanks for your question!


      Shane Batt at 3:41 pm

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