Meet the Beatles in Liverpool!

Liverpool is one of my favourite cities in all of England because of its rich history, heritage, music and just plain fun! The Beatles may be their most famous citizens but this port city is full of art galleries, listed buildings and national museums. In fact, it has the second-highest number of heritage sites after London in all of the UK. This city is such a special place to visit with so much going on and some iconic sights!

Liverpool was founded by royal charter in 1207 by King John. Given that he was known as “Bad King John”, that may be the only positive step he took that has come down to us! The city was small until the 18th Century when it became a major port for shipping in the “Triangular Trade” of manufactured goods, slaves and colonial produce. Liverpool has made atonement for its past and became a welcoming place for immigrants.

visit liverpool UK

Liverpool has a cool style that’s all its own!

Its ethnic diversity is amongst the highest in the United Kingdom with major populations of descendants from China, India, Ireland and Africa. This has resulted in Liverpool being the home of the oldest African community in the UK and the oldest Chinese community in Europe! This cultural diversity is reflected in the fabric of the city and diverse food scene. Fondly known as “Scousers”, Liverpool’s residents are known for their great sense of humour, generosity, and pride in their beloved city.

The city is also known for its efficient transport links and is just over three hours away from London by train. The very first regular train service in the world was between Manchester and Liverpool – which today is just a 30 minute ride. Like most major cities in England, Liverpool has its own airport, aptly named John Lennon Airport. It is located 12km (7.5 miles) from the city centre and is easily accessible by bus using the number 500 Airport Flyer Bus Service. Within the city there is really no need for public transport. Although home to nearly 500,000 residents in the city centre, it certainly doesn’t feel crowded. The city is great for walking as nothing is ever more than 10 minutes away!

These are my favourite places to visit in Liverpool:

  • Albert Dock – Although this area houses iconic tourist attractions, I suggest you stop to look at its unexpected beauty! Built of brick and iron, this dock is so impressive! Its restoration really tells the story of the historical past where cotton, tobacco, and sugar were once unloaded. Enjoy boutique stores, cafes and museums in this wonderfully gentrified area.
the beeatles, liverpool UK

Is ‘stat you’ Ringo?!

  • The Beatles Story – This iconic and award-winning site is not just for fans! You should not miss this walk through history! The museum houses the biggest selection of Beatles memorabilia in the world. Transport yourself to a time when four boys found their way to mega-fame!
  • Mersey Ferries – London has its black cabs and Liverpool has its famous ferries! Hop on one of the Mersey ferries to see a different perspective of the city and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront. These ferries have a fun selection of trips all year round; if you’re looking for a romantic Summer evening cruise or even a themed music cruise!
  • Anfield Stadium – Even if you’re not an English football fan, you cannot deny the vibrant, exciting and chaotic atmosphere that the sport creates. Liverpool is lucky to have two successful football clubs; Liverpool FC and Everton FC – both with diehard fans! Why not take a tour of the home of Liverpool Football club in a stadium that holds more than 53,000 fans? Visit the museum and feast your eyes on their new 2020 Premier League winning trophy.

You should not visit Liverpool without experiencing at least one Museum or Gallery:

Liverpool Mountain, Ugo Rondinone.

Tea is big at the Tate!

  • Tate Liverpool – If you love art then you must visit its halls and galleries that house contemporary pieces as well as exhibitions on loan from the London Gallery.
  • Museum of Liverpool – Where else would you learn all you need to about this fabulous city? Examine cultural, historical and archaeological finds in this informative museum that will broaden your mind about Liverpool.
  • British Music Experience – Liverpool has become famous for producing some amazing artists over the years and you can now learn all about them! You can find out all you need to know about the pop scene of the city and view some amazing memorabilia too.

Here’s a pro-tip: If you really do love the Beatles, then you cannot miss their walking tour! Visit iconic areas around the city with knowledgeable guides and take your picture at all the famous spots where the musicians once walked.

Liverpool is a foodie’s paradise with so many different flavours to try! When you’re taking a break from exploring the sights here are the best places for some great food:

  • Mowgli – Enjoy some healthy and aromatic Indian soul food at this beautiful spot! Attesting to this city’s diverse food scene this restaurant caters to all tastes with plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans too!
Liverpool - brunch pancakes

What’s all the flap about, Jack?!

  • The Brunch Club – This hipster café is my favourite brunch spot! With cool interiors, doors for wallpaper and a glorious pancake stack on the menu it has everything you need to kickstart your day.
  • Camp and Furnace – A restaurant and bar you cannot miss! Located in an old warehouse with quirky décor, this is an amazing place with equally amazing food.

Here’s a Foody Pro-tip: Visit the Baltic Triangle. It’s full of vibrant restaurants, cafes and my all-time favourite, street food! Don’t miss what’s on offer at the street food market that is beautifully housed inside the old Cains Brewery building.

Liverpool has undergone some amazing changes over the last ten years that make it a vibrant and playful city at night. It’s so hard to narrow down the best spots to visit but these are some of my favourites:

  • The Arts Club – One of the finest live music venues in the city! This converted 19th Century building has an eclectic interior and an incredible atmosphere.
  • The Botanical Garden – A great low-key hangout spot to try some delicious cocktails and craft gins. It’s the perfect garden for a drink and a dance in the amazing area of the Baltic Triangle. Graffitied walls and mismatched furniture make it a unique venue!
 Cavern Quarteisiti Cavern Quarte, england

The Cavern was once full of Stones and infested with Beatles!

  • The Cavern Club This underground venue is the place of dreams, with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and The Rolling Stones (to name but a few) having played here, its unmissable! Grab a drink and sit and watch some of Liverpool’s greatest local talent take the stage.

Here’s another pro-tip: Head to the Camp and Furnace after dark. Apart from being a great foodie spot, this venue turns into a busy nightclub. With unique and fun live event nights and DJs playing weekly, this spot is a must visit on any night out!

Your stay will certainly be vibrant and unforgettable, with these welcoming hotels that are comfortable and affordable:

  • Doubletree (by Hilton) Hotel & Spa – Lovingly and expertly designed, this Victorian building took nine years to restore! The skill is evident in the careful work that went into this historic building, giving you a feeling of the luxury and opulence of a bygone era.
  • Aloft Liverpool – Retaining its Victorian grandeur, this hotel is at the same time modern and luxurious. Enjoy some beautiful city views from this wonderful location that has all the amenities you could need for your stay!
  • Blackburne Terrace – An intimate, luxurious and artistic guesthouse that is very welcoming! To stay here is to be immediately relaxed. Enjoy the tranquil environment that this beautifully decorated mansion offers.

Penny Lane may be in your ears and in your eyes, but Liverpool will forever be in your heart after just one visit!





Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: Albert Dock, The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool,

Anfield Stadium (

Where to stay: Doubletree (by Hilton) Hotel and Spa, Aloft and Blackburne Terrace (,,

Where to party: The Arts Club, Botanical Garden, The Cavern Club


Where to eat: Mowgli, The Brunch Club, Camp & Furnace (,,

What to buy: Art, Beetles memorabilia and football merchandise

Take a Magical Mystery Tour through Liverpool!
Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: Albert Dock, The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool,

Anfield Stadium (

Where to stay: Doubletree (by Hilton) Hotel and Spa, Aloft and Blackburne Terrace (,,

Where to party: The Arts Club, Botanical Garden, The Cavern Club


Where to eat: Mowgli, The Brunch Club, Camp & Furnace (,,

What to buy: Art, Beetles memorabilia and football merchandise

Take a Magical Mystery Tour through Liverpool!

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