How I Make Search Easier

How I Make Search Easier

A big hello to all of my friends! I hope you’ve been having fun since my last blog. I’m feeling good today because the weather in the Cloud is beautiful and fluffy!  It’s a great day for flying!

Searching for Travel Takes Time

My friends tell me that, before JourneyHero, searching for the right travel deal took a very long time. Sometimes booking their holidays took hours over several days! They would have to find the right location, then look for a hotel that they liked. After they found the hotel, they’d have to look for flights and arrange car transfers. Sometimes they used price comparison websites and then tried to book directly.

All this searching through options that they wouldn’t choose takes time to review. If they booked on multiple travel sites then they’d have to worry that all of the details fit together. Would their flights arrive at the right time for them to check in at the hotel? Then, after booking they’d sometimes receive a deal from another travel site that was even better but too late for them to take. Ugh! They found all the time spent as very frustrating.

They also wondered about the ratings that other people leave for the airlines and hotels. Could those ratings be trusted or did the travel sites cheat by giving higher ratings to the companies that paid them more for advertising?

When you buy travel online, is everything so nice as it appears? While we all want a lower price for travel, not all travel deals are great. Some hotels are just too yucky at any price! The pictures on the internet are always the very best that the property offers. It’s like when you see a sign in a restaurant window that offers $2.99 for ‘All you can eat’. Even though the price is low, it’s not a good deal if you can only eat $1.00 worth of food because it tastes so bad!

JourneyHero Searches Differently

I know how to find you travel that fits you. That’s because you answer some simple questions that first time you use me and I build a profile to know what’s important for you. I also use your past travel. You tell me what you think of the travel after you return home. I don’t share your ratings with anyone but I use them to find travel you’ll like in the future. So, I know how you want to travel, what airlines you like (and don’t like) and where you like to stay. It’s all very scientific, but it’s easy to understand. Then, I find the lowest prices available for the range of time you want and match this with your preferences. It’s like buying shoes at the world’s best outlet mall – I’ll find great options that fit you just right!

That’s the JourneyHero difference. I search for travel that meets your unique needs, not anyone else’s. So whether you want a relaxing family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a fun business trip with a little extra time for sight-seeing, I’ll find the perfect travel just for you!

I’m off to catch some rays on Cloud 9, the sun is always shining there!


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