A Fresh 2022 in Singapore and London

Is it just me or does 2022 feel like it is full of opportunity and better times? While the new Omicron variant of Covid seems to be gaining world-dominance, most reports indicate that the strain is milder and less likely to bring serious illness. This simple fact makes 2022 dawn with a new optimism. It also feels like something has changed. It is like we are all waking from a long hibernation. This is certainly the case in two of my favourite cities, Singapore and London! These two hubs of global commerce and melting pots or humanity have so much in common and yet are so different. As Jimmy Buffet sang, “Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…” Let’s peek into the start of the year in each of these two metropolises.


3rd January in Singapore


The humidity of the day wets your face, glasses and bag as you open the door to exit your cool, well air-conditioned flat. This time of year, Singapore can be more humid than a large family wishing each other goodbye after the holidays. Thank goodness for cotton! You grab your umbrella and raincoat – both necessary for the inevitable afternoon showers- and head out the door for work.

my favourite cities singapore on the holidays

The Dawn of a New Era?

As you walk towards the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), the city feels alive with a fresh sense of purpose after celebrating the start of the new Gregorian year. Though, you can also see signs of the beginning of preparations for the start of Lunar New Year, which is in less than one month.

visit the singapore gardens favourite cities

Singapore offers a garden of delights!

Singapore never misses a chance to celebrate all holidays. You step from the temperature controlled cabin at your stop in the CBD (Central Business District). The CBD is buzzing as citizens move with purpose toward their employment.

You reach your stop and exit the station, heading around the corner to meet a friend and colleague at the local coffee shop for a quick catch up over a plate of Kaya toast and an iced coffee before the workday begins. You walk past the small vendors as they set up stalls and prepare for a busy lunchtime and the anticipated throngs of hungry patrons taking their midday break.

It’s an international area of the city where all cultures mix harmoniously, because some of the most prestigious companies around the world have offices here. You look up to marvel at the shiny plinths of ingenuity and commerce, representing not just Singapore but a convergence of the world. After a long workday supporting the movement of commerce across the earth, you’ll enjoy dinner on a warm evening. Life is good at the start of 2022 in Singapore, one of my favourite cities.


MEANWHILE across the world…


3rd January in London


London is grey and damp as you exit the front door to the building of your warm, cosy flat. Springtime feels a long way in the future but the new year is a time of renewal and optimism.

London seems more alive than it has for almost two years and full of opportunity despite the dark skies and rainy weather. You enter the tube station as millions have done before you, watching the ads as you descend the escalator into the warmer depths of the city. The ride into the Financial District of “The City” is familiar but also comforting because you are returning to the office instead of working from home.

The special bird of London is the Crane!

Thankfully, your workday is starting with a breakfast meeting, held at one of your favourite 24-hour restaurants with a view, the Duck & Waffle. You head up to the 40th floor of “The Shard”, a landmark building on the south side of the Thames. The view is a beautiful mix of the ancient with the Tower of London and the modern with “The Gherkin”. The combination of London’s long-standing historical architecture with its modern neighbours is solid proof of the durability of commerce and success in one of the world’s greatest cities. Working in the world’s financial capital, you marvel at how many people from around the globe you pass every single day. You daydream of the world-wide connections that begin in this one place. When London smiles, the entire world giggles! Tons of reasons to be in my top favourite cities.




Singapore’s architecture if Durian-able!

  • It is beautiful, clean and modern with excellent facilities
  • Warm weather means no need for winter coats!
  • Cosmopolitan residents collaborate in harmony
  • Singapore offers a plethora of delicious foods
  • Singapore can be hot and sticky
  • It can seem much more regimented than other places



PROS visit london for the holidays

Walking in London is a capital idea!

  • Beautiful, historic and modern adds a feeling of solidity to the City’s success
  • Everyone feels a sense of renewal with a fresh start
  • London is the most cosmopolitan city in the entire world
  • Nothing can beat London’s vibe!
  • The weather can be terrible this time of year.
  • Did I mention the weather?


Isabella’s Recommendation:
I love both Singapore and London. They are both so welcoming to different cultures and offer some of the finest hospitality in the world. Entering this exciting new year, I’m going to recommend Singapore for a fresh perspective and new-found optimism. The clean, crisp lines of the city, the cool air-conditioning and natural heat mix to provide an air of success. I also enjoy two New Year’s celebrations in close proximity. Singapore really helps to wipe the slate clean allowing for plenty of room to rejoice and wish others good health and abundance for the year to come. How these two cities can not be in your top favourite cities.

Sticky or frosty, whether you’re surrounded by modernity or centuries of solid growth, Singapore and London represent a fresh start for the world. What will you do this year? Where will you go and who will you become?  The phrase “New year, new you” is an old saw but it somehow seems more relevant in 2022. The world is open for business again and we should all be excited by the prospect, and start your top favourite cities list. Whatever you accomplish in 2022, know that all of your friends at JourneyHero are excited to help you live life to the fullest!








8 Comments to “A Fresh 2022 in Singapore and London”

  1. No London for me in January but I wouldn’t mind the Singapore sun^^

    Carina | bucketlist2life at 3:53 pm
    1. If you love warm places definitely, Singapore is the ideal place to celebrate New Year Eve with luxury and exotic adventure.



      Isabella at 6:01 pm
  2. I like this format for this article. Different from many other blogs. It was fun to read! Also, I agree that 2022 feels different. Vaccines are doing what they were designed to do and treatments are getting more effective. Fingers crossed it continues to look up! at 5:13 pm
    1. Thanks for leaving us a comment. We love sharing our travel experience and yes, we also believe soon it will be safe to travel to any wonderful, exotic or historical destination and find again the joy of travelling.


      Isabella at 6:12 pm
  3. I’m feeling optimistic about 2022 also! Singapore looks so magical and London is so charming. I can see why they are your favorites.

    kmf at 6:05 am
    1. Yes, 2022 will be a great year for travelling again. Too many cities to enjoy, but these two cities are in my top favourites!

      Thanks for your comment,


      Isabella at 6:15 pm
  4. Love London and always wanted to go to Singapore. Crazy rich Asians the movie made me want to even more. Can’t wait to get there.

    Wanderingkellers at 9:50 pm
    1. Love that movie too! Hope you can add Singapore to your travel list soon.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment.


      Isabella at 6:07 pm

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