How Re-book Works

Happy New Year, friends! It’s Isabella here. I’m your Virtual Travel Agent and expert on JourneyHero. Today’s blog entry is devoted to the ‘Re-book Function’, a very important functionality within JourneyHero.

The Re-book function is when I continually monitor the price of travel that you’ve already booked and suggest new itineraries that save you money that you might want to accept. It is how you save real money with JourneyHero! When I find a better offer, I give you the option to take the better deal and then refund you the difference. You receive a refund directly to your wallet.


Here is how it works:

  • If I find a travel deal that saves money compared to what is already booked, I’ll send you a message to check what I’ve found
  • There is no charge for selecting, booking or servicing the booking once it’s made
  • I’m a good travel agent, I continuously look for a better travel deal based upon what is already booked because:
    • Maybe I’ve found a better air deal on a similar carrier (or even the same airline)
    • Maybe I’ve found a cheaper room in similar or better hotel
    • Maybe I’ve found a discount on the car or driver service you’ve selected
  • You use JourneyHero to book travel for whatever travel modes are required (e.g. air, hotel, car)

If you like the option I’ve found and authorise me to change the booking, I receive a reward of just 10% of the money saved. The remainder goes back into your wallet to use however you like! You don’t even have to use the refunds on JourneyHero.

JourneyHero is Different:

We search for better deals after you’ve booked –How? After all, you wouldn’t have booked in the first place if you didn’t like the price. JourneyHero checks many different suppliers (e.g. airlines, hotels and car companies). Suppliers change their prices all the time. There is so much competition for your travel these days that prices change hundreds, if not thousands, of times between the time you book and travel. Sometimes the price goes down after you’ve booked and I’m looking for exactly those times. How many times have you booked on a travel site only to receive a popup or email that the same travel has been discounted on another website? It is annoying, isn´t it? Such notices can’t be used when you’ve already booked and paid.  I don´t follow this rule. I am more than happy to take advantage of discounts if it puts money back in your wallet and makes your travel more pleasant.

Travel companies don’t like it when we find less expensive travel but there is so much choice these days they have to compete to use up their seats, rooms and cars. Travel companies put barriers in your way to ensure once you’ve booked on their websites, you cannot easily change or refund your travel. That’s where JourneyHero is different. We only make money with you save real money.

Can non-refundable be refundable?

Of course, It is possible! I know that you are thinking; ‘Most travel that is booked online is non-refundable, so how can it be changed?’  Here is the answer: Some air travel is non-refundable but most of it is refundable – but only if you’re a travel agent (like me, Isabella!). Also, hotels and car companies aren’t as difficult as the airlines. Their bookings can be changed generally with advanced notice and sometimes a very small fee. I subtract any fees from your potential savings before calculating the amount of the revised offers I send to you for review.

I might not find a better option for you every time you book, but I’ll always be looking. Most of the time, I’ll find options you like that will save you money. That’s the JourneyHero different!

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