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Whether you’re a first-time traveller or a seasoned expert, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of travel tips based on Isabella’s experiences. You can read our travel blogs, watch our inspirational videos or tune in to our podcasts. Isabella is our virtual travel agent, available anytime.

Party Likes It’s 1999 in Las Vegas and Macau

Las Vegas and Macau are both shiny and new. They both have wonderfully iconic architecture that invites the world to relax and have fun.

Sway to the East and Then the West: Cairo vs. Istanbul

The twin capitals of Middle Eastern are Cairo and Istanbul. Both, fabulous places full of history, shopping, food, fun, but which is better?

Top Five Tropical Island Escapes

Each of these wonderful tropical islands escapes is a huge treat for a shivering denizen of northern climes.

A Fresh 2022 in Singapore and London

I love both Singapore and London. They are both so welcoming to different cultures and offer some of the finest hospitality in the world.

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