Dubai off the tourist track

Dubai has fast become one of the hottest travel destinations in recent years. With its luxury cars, unparalleled shopping malls, indoor ski rinks, exquisite food scene, and unique desert-metropolis scenery, it has everything for any kind of traveller. Whilst Dubai is a well-trodden town, there are a few hidden gems still left to discover across the city. Here are a few to explore:

Al Bastakiya

Step back in time and leave the skyscrapers behind when you visit this ancient historic neighbourhood. Also known as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, these winding sandy lanes through traditional old houses and boutique museums, galleries, and cafes, are a far cry from the cityscape most people recognise as Dubai.

Take a walking tour with a local guide to discover the fascinating history and picturesque corners of this town.

Shop for spices and artisan crafts as you wander the streets before making your way to the Al Fahidi Fort. Marvel at the beauty of this ancient fortress before heading into the Dubai Museum.

Enjoy a Traditional Lunch at the Sheikh Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding or try the tea at the Arabian Tea House Café. Exploring Al Bastakiya at sunset is magical and many evening walking tours include a delicious local dinner at a price.


Al Quadra Lakes

Al Quadra lake Dubai
Dubai is a glamorous built-up metropolis, so it may come as a surprise that it is also a haven for nature and wildlife just 30 minutes outside the city centre.

Al Quadra Lakes are a convincing man-made creation that was designed to encourage sustainable ecotourism and encourage the return of natural wildlife. Part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve in the Saih Al Salam desert, these stunning lakes blend beautifully into their surroundings.

Small islands in the lakes provide shelter and nesting spots for local species. From desert foxes, oryx, and flamingos to over 170 species of birds this oasis is one of the best places in Dubai to see natural wildlife. Travel by 4×4 to tackle the off-road experience and enjoy the adventure of driving through the rolling dunes.

The lakes are also popular with campers and bikers alongside nature enthusiasts, and you will often see visitors barbequing their lunch by the lakeside. For a touch of romance, continue your tour to the Love Lakes and enjoy a waterfront sunset over these two interlinked heart-shaped lakes.


Miracle Garden 

Step into a world of a million colours in Dubai’s Miracle Garden which opens every winter in October and runs through until May. With more than 150 million flowers in full bloom adorning intricate sculptures and gardens, this picturesque paradise is quickly becoming one of Dubai’s star attractions.

Impressive sculptures throughout the garden include The Floating Lady, The Emirates A380, The Floral Clock and the Heart Tunnel.

Stroll through the incredible Floral Villas which look like something out of a fairy tale, through to Lake Park. Look out for the Floral Castle that adds to the magic of this place.

Walk through the sunshine in the Sunflower Field or wander under a canopy of colour in the Umbrella Tunnel. Take the family to see the Smurf’s Village, where visitors can expect to see a forest full of mushroom houses and of course, the loveable blue smurfs. Stay for the evening for the chance to see some surprise characters and spectacular shows.

Relax under a canopy of foliage and flowers in the beautiful selection of cabanas or head to the Hilltop to try out the cafes and ice cream bar as you enjoy views over the gardens.


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Moon Island

Named after its crescent shape, Moon Island’s white sand beach, quiet surroundings, and crystal-clear waters demonstrate why this paradise island is an out-of-this-world attraction.

The island is about 70 km away from Dubai beach, taking you away from the fast-paced life of the city.  As well as its striking beauty, Moon Island is also a hot spot for water sports enthusiasts.

Take a deep-sea fishing tour for a unique and fun way to explore the waters around the island. Moon Island also offers exquisite dive spots for keen scuba divers, jet skiing tours, water skiing and snorkelling. From the island, visitors also have the chance to take a guided boat tour or even hire a chartered yacht.

Since the island is not easy to reach, it can only be explored by booking a Moon Island Dubai Tour. Make the most of the day by opting for a picnic included in your tour or finish the day with a barbeque on the beach.


SEVA Café and Experience

Dubai is a city of consumption, where shopping is the main attraction and flashy cars zip down the wide roads. So, this hidden gem that focuses on wellness, sustainability, and green living, is a surprising find and an excellent way to relax and reset from the hustle and bustle.

The SEVA Experience is a combination of classes, services, products, and experiences designed to elevate your well-being and invite balance into your life.

Join a Yoga and Meditation Class to stretch your body and your mind join a Circle & Gathering ceremony to learn how to ground yourself. Discover a range of treatment experiences from Tarot Card Reading and Reiki to Sound Healing and Vibroacoustic Bodywork.

There is also a range of balancing bodywork treatments and massages on offer. Browse the SEVA Shop for essential oils, incense, candles, and accessories before making your way to the SEVA Table Café.

SEVA Table is the first 100% Plant-based, Gluten-free, Cane Sugar-free, and GMOs free Cafe in the Middle East since 2014. Enjoy a range of vibrant and colourful whole foods in the beautiful, leafy café garden. Dubai’s unique and wonderful hidden gems accentuate the magic of this metropolis. From glitz and glamour to desert oases, and historic streets to skyscrapers and modern malls, there is so much to discover in every corner of Dubai.


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