Coast through the Croatian Coast

Between the sunrises over the Lovrijenac Fortress and sunset beach parties on Pag Island, you can do just about anything from cliff jumping to attending a concert in an ancient venue while visiting Croatia.

croatia beaches

Emerald waters under an azure sky!

Croatia has an incredibly rich history which can be felt from the early Medieval Cathedrals, ancient fortresses and remarkably preserved Roman ruins throughout the country. With an enticing combination of history and nature, this Mediterranean jewel offers many unique sights. Hidden in the former country of Yugoslavia until the Balkan War and its independence, Croatia is an unspoiled gem! Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is the youngest capital in Europe because the country did not gain its independence until 1991. Since then, the country has redefined itself as a popular holiday destination. Regardless of the weather, the views are stunning and the cobblestone streets remain full of life.

Here’s a Pro-Tip: The best time to visit Croatia is in the springtime before the end of May and the Autumn starting in September, when the weather is not too hot and the Adriatic Sea is still warm

There are many interesting communities to relish in this beautiful country. Here are my top-picks for the best places to visit in Croatia:

  • Dubrovnik – Walking through this scenic city may feel like you’re on the set of a movie; perhaps because it was the set of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.  There are many attractions from cable car views to Medieval Cathedrals and forts, although it is best known for its magnificent Old Town and 16th century Dubrovnik Old Town Walls that surround it.
  • Pula – This prehistoric town sits on the tip of the Istrian Peninsula and is best known for its beaches, harbour and well preserved roman ruins, specifically the Pula Arena which is still used for events today.
  • Zadar – This romantic 3000 year old city offers Ancient Roman and Venetian ruins such as St. Mary’s Convent and St. Anastasia’s Cathedral as well as Nikola Bašić’s modern art instillations like The Zadar Sea Organ, a large musical instrument played by the elements.
  • Split – Split is the second largest city in Croatia and offers some incredible history amongst its modern shops and restaurants. At its centre sits Diocletian’s Palace, a 4th century Palace built for the roman emperor. Other interesting attractions include Saint Dominus Cathedral and Mestrovic Gallery.

ancient roman ruins in croatia

Visit Pula Arena and feel like a gladiator!


great outdoor activities in croatia

Enjoy the beauty of Croatia’s incredible national parks!

  • National Parks – Even more ancient than the man-made ruins are the natural waterfalls, lakes and forests that can be found throughout Croatia’s eight National Parks. You can enjoy these parks by foot or by boat.
  • Island Hopping – There are over 1000 islands in Croatia of various sizes. Some of the best to visit include: Hvar for vineyards, lavender fields and one of the country’s largest town squares, Lokrum, with no human residents, for natural features and Brijuni for Museums and natural history including dinosaur footprints!

Here’s a Pro-Tip: A lot of the beaches in Croatia have pebbles instead of sand, so make sure to bring water shoes so that you can enjoy the beaches comfortably.

The biggest airport in Croatia is Zagreb Airport which has domestic connections to Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar and Split. The best ways to travel from the airport to the city include taxi and public bus. If you plan on traveling to many different cities while in Croatia, I recommend renting a car. You can also take ferries across the Adriatic Sea to the islands.

In Croatia, there are plenty of beautiful places to stay. I love to stay on the Dalmatian coast, and when I do my top pics are Podstine Hotel on Hvar, Hotel Boskinac on Pag and Boutique Hotel Kazbek on the Lapland Bay. In Split, Marmont Hotel is close to the seafront and the heart of the Old Town, providing the best of both worlds! In Dubrovnik, Hotel Bellevue and Hotel Kompas offer modern accommodation and incredible spa experiences.

Croatia offers Arch-typical beauty!

Seafood fresh from the seashore

Here’s another pro-tip: the ultimate summer excursion is to sail the Dalmatian coast on a yacht where you and your friends can explore during the day and stay on-board at night

Having such a sprawling coast and so many islands, it is only natural that Seafood is Croatia’s main cuisine. The unassuming Konoba Marjan in Split may be one of the best places to try authentic seafood. Konoba Batelina in Paula Pelegrini in Šibenik are two of my additional seafood favourites. In Rovinj, the romantic restaurant Monte offers a creative menu while Dubrovnik is spoiled with many fabulous options including Restaurant 360 and Nautika. Carpaccio in the capital city of Zagreb has some amazing Italian food. I would recommend booking a table in advance!

With so many pristine beaches, beach parties are a must! Zrće Beach on Pag Island, near Zadar, is known for its exciting summer beach parties and festivals such as Hideout and Croatia Rocks. Some even call this island “Croatian Ibiza”. Other popular Night clubs like Barbarella’s Discotehque on Murter Island and Carpe Diem on Hvar Island are a great place to dance the night away.

Also on Hvar is the relaxing Hula Hula and Veneranda, an old monastery turned bar complete with a pool and dance floor. Hemingway Bar in Split is one of my favourite stops for cocktails and sea views.

When shopping in Croatia, I recommend purchasing lavender products. There are a plethora of lavender fields throughout the country which produce some of the highest quality lavender in Europe. My favourite is the lavender honey with its incredible flavour that always transports me back to  beautiful Croatia. Wine is another product that Croatians are proud to produce. Particularly Plavac Mali, the most popular red wine produced in the country.

Croatia is full of wonders, both natural and historic. From hiking waterfalls to 500 year old walls, Croatia has all you need to enjoy an exciting holiday!





Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: Dubrovnik Walls, Pula Arena, Plitvice National Park (

Where to stay: Podstine, Marmont Hotel, Bellevue (,,

Where to party: Carpe Diem, Hemingway Bar (,

Where to eat: Pelegrini, Monte, Nautika (,,

What to buy: Red wine and lavender products

Croatia is quite the catch!
Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: Dubrovnik Walls, Pula Arena, Plitvice National Park (

Where to stay: Podstine, Marmont Hotel, Bellevue (,,

Where to party: Carpe Diem, Hemingway Bar (,

Where to eat: Pelegrini, Monte, Nautika (,,

What to buy: Red wine and lavender products

Croatia is quite the catch!

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