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Are you craving a beach break? Me too! This time of year, I love to make my way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for some fun in the sun!

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Combined with its neighbour city San Jose del Cabo, the area is known as Los Cabos.

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My view of Los Cabos from the Cloud

The weather is warm year-round with late summer temperatures reaching the low to mid 40’s Celsius (nearly 110 F)! As one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations, Cabo San Lucas is known for its marine life, pristine beaches and outdoor activities like fishing, golf, scuba diving and snorkelling. These activities combined with the romantic atmosphere make Los Cabos a popular wedding hotspot while also catering to families, friend groups and plenty of celebrities!

Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is the airport you will likely fly to when traveling from another country. There is another airport in Los Cabos, however it is mostly for private jets and shuttles. The main ways to transfer from the airport are taxi, local bus (Ruta del Desierto), airport shuttle bus or private shuttle bus. Traveling around the Cabos area is best done by foot, taxi or local bus, however if you plan to do many day trips, renting a car may be your best option.

Here is my personalized list of “must-do’s” in Cabo San Lucas:

El Arco (The Arch) – This unique rock formation at Land’s End has created a natural archway which is now the icon of Cabo San Lucas. You can take a boat tour or kayak out to see the structure form the water. Every four years the tide changes allowing you to walk underneath the arches. Nearby beaches include Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach (I couldn’t’ make that up!) are great for snorkelling.

Cabo-San Lucas-The-Arch

Say “hi!” to the sealions for me!

Whale Watching – Between late October and December, adult humpback whales begin their migration to tropical waters to give birth, passing by Cabo San Lucas on the way. From January until late March, you’re likely to see the new-born calves before they begin their trip back towards Alaska!

whale watching in cabo

I’ll be back in Los Cabos in a short whale!

Here’s a Pro-Tip: There are plenty of companies offering whale watching opportunities, although I recommend taking a private cruise for a more intimate experience. Try to go as early as possible for calmer waters and more active whales.

San Jose del Cabo – Located about a 20-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas, this is the historical centre of the area. Attractions include the Thursday Art Walk, Iglesia San Jose Church and Plaza Mijares. This is a fabulous place to grab a bite to eat and spend a day.

Yoga and Relaxation – There are many yoga and relaxation experiences in Cabo San Lucas from retreats to single classes. I definitely recommend Baja Soul Yoga, Prana del Mar and The Spa at Pedregal.

Day Trips – Baja California Sur is such a beautiful place to explore. From the natural beauty to the authentic towns, there are many daytrip opportunities. Here are some nearby gems:

  • Todos Santos – An hour drive north of Cabo at the foothills of the sierra de la Laguna Mountains, this artsy town is lined with cute cafes and art galleries. The perfect stop for a break from the touristy beach life.
  • Cabo Pulmo – Although nearly three hours East by car, this national marine park is well worth the trip. It is home to an estimated 20,000-year-old coral reef and one of the best destinations for diving and snorkelling in Baja.
  • El Chorro Hot Springs – About halfway between Todos Santos and Cabo Pulmo, the El Churro hot springs make the perfect destination for a day of reconnection with nature. There are a few small towns nearby, like Agua Caliente, with food markets to purchase beverages and snacks for the day.

Handmade items are beautiful

Here’s another Pro-Tip: For the best local shopping, check out La Coyota, a multi-room shop offering handmade crafts, ceramics and art of much better quality than you might find closer to the beach.

Due to its extensive coastline, much of Cabo San Lucas’s traditional cuisine is based around seafood. Abalone, Marlin, clams and even manta rays are some of the most popular catches. More inland, the arid areas are ideal for ranching and produce fine beef cattle. Delicious, tropical fruits like dragon fruit, mango and guavas grow locally and can be found as ingredients as well as in fruit stands along the road. Keep an eye out for traditional dishes like machaca, chocolate clams (almejas chocolatas) and chimangos for dessert! Here are my go-to Cabo San Lucas restaurants:

fish taco Cabos San lucas

The fish taco originated in Baja California Sur

  • Tacos Guss – This colourful little Cabo staple serves authentic Mexican food with fresh and delicious tortillas, quick service and amazing prices. It is cash only.
  • Hacienda Cocina y Cantina – Traditional and gourmet Mexican cuisine with an excellent drink menu to match. Located in the beautiful Hacienda Beach Club & Residences, the ambiance is enchanting with stunning views of Land’s End.
  • The Office on The Beach – One of Cabo’s favourite restaurants since the 1970’s with tables literally on the beach! Enjoy live music in the evenings while dining on classic Mexican dishes.

Nightlife in Cabo is spectacular, especially with spirits like tequila and mezcal made just across the Gulf of California on mainland Mexico!  While in the Baja area, I recommend trying Damiana. This liqueur is made from the native-grown Damiana plant and was originally used by the indigenous people for ceremonies. It has a sweet flavour and can be enjoyed in a margarita or alone. Throughout Cabo, there are plenty of vibrant bars serving everything from local craft beer to margaritas. Here are my top places to party:

  • Cabo Wabo – Founded by Sammy Hagar, (also known as The Red Rocker from Van Halen) this exciting nightlife destination is renowned for having some of the best live music and energy in town as well as its own tequila!
  • Nowhere Bar – A fun open-air bar with marina views and a light up dancefloor.
Cabo San Lucas life style

Cheers, crew!

  • Bar Esquina – A great place to sip a delicious cocktail or glass of wine over live acoustic music creating an enjoyable laid-back atmosphere. Located in the Bahia Hotel & Beach Club.

Here’s a final Pro-Tip: It is not recommended to drink the tap water in Los Cabos. Generally, the ice is filtered, however if you are unsure ask your bartender or waiter.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, resorts in Cabo are abundant. From lovely boutique hotels to luxury spas, here are my recommendations of where to stay:

  • Marisol Boutique Hotel – Smaller than most hotels in the area, this seaside stay offers a sunbathing terrace and is located near a plethora of activities.
  • The Resort at Pedregal – This luxury resort is an ideal beach escape which sits right on the beach against a large rock formation giving it a natural aesthetic. Enjoy modern rooms, beach views and spa services galore!
  • Las Ventanas al Paraiso – Located a few kilometres outside of Cabo, this elegant escape offers lovely views of the Sea of Cortez, four dining options and a tasteful tequila bar.

Between the nightlife, marine life and beach life, Cabo San Lucas always leaves me with my heart full!





Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: The Arch, whale watching, beach activities (

Where to eat: Tacos Guss, Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, The Office on The Beach (,

Where to stay: Marisol Boutique Hotel, The Resort at Pedregal, Las Ventanas al Paraiso (,,

Where to party: Cabo Wabo, Nowhere Bar, Bar Esquina  (,,

What to buy: Shop around La Coyota

You’ll have a whale of a time in Cabo!
Isabella’s Checklist

What to see: The Arch, whale watching, beach activities (

Where to eat: Tacos Guss, Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, The Office on The Beach (,

Where to stay: Marisol Boutique Hotel, The Resort at Pedregal, Las Ventanas al Paraiso (,,

Where to party: Cabo Wabo, Nowhere Bar, Bar Esquina  (,,

What to buy: Shop around La Coyota

You’ll have a whale of a time in Cabo!

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