About us

The JourneyHero app makes browsing, booking and enjoying stress-free holidays easier than ever. We at JourneyHero are experts in both travel and tech and believe in using our expertise to help customers become travel SuperHeroes.

We also have SuperHeroes in their own rights. Our team juggles technical challenges, deadlines and hard work while balancing their private lives. The team has been specially selected for its talents and diversity and represents multiple ethnicities, genders, cultures and religious affiliations.

We share the goals of designing an app to benefit the traveller instead of the suppliers. We operate as the advocate, adviser and supporter of all our customers. We want to provide tools to make it easier, quicker and more secure to find fantastic travel opportunities. We strive to find an equitable solution to any problem you may encounter. We value the relationships with our customers and will never share, copy or sell your data. All your data is owned and controlled by you, the traveller.

We value tolerance, fairness and integrity in all that we do. We aim to have a community where diversity is celebrated.

Above all, we want to put the power of travel back in your hands.

Meet some of our SuperHeroes

If you'd like to be part of our team, drop us an email.

We'd love to hear how you can help us make our travellers SuperHeroes.

If you'd like to be part of our team, drop us an email.

We'd love to hear how you can help us make our travellers SuperHeroes.

Join our newsletter to find the latest information on new releases, features of the app and more! You will also find all the inspiration you need to plan your next trip. And remember, we don’t share your data. Never ever!

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Chief Operating Officer Superhero role model: Wonder Woman Reach out Rosa if you need any tips on Los Angeles –

Rosa is JourneyHero’s very own Wonder Woman! She is responsible for managing our commercial, data curation, customer experience, personnel and administration teams. She is also on the Board of Directors and is a major shareholder. JourneyHero doesn’t run day-to-day without her attention, dedication and problem-solving skills. She breaks down problems and forces them into opportunities. Her superpowers include superhuman strength, agility and vision all wrapped up with enhanced empathy. While she wasn’t created by Zeus, we’d all agree that she’s the coolest superhero on the team!


Product Manager

Superhero role model: Storm
Reach out to Afshan if you need tips on Mombasa –

Afshan decides what is in our JourneyHero App and what is not. She uses the input of our users and colleagues to develop and maintain our product plan. She turns good ideas into a set of specifications that our designers translate for our programmers. Afshan’s superpowers include the ability to see into darkness, the expertise to cut through lots of ideas and the ability to relieve pressures around the company. Like Storm, Afshan is from Africa (she lives in Nairobi not Wakanda) and she can turn the stormiest day bright and sunny!


Data Curation Manager

Superhero role model: Groot
Reach out to Shaz if you need tips on Australia (literally any city!) –

Shaz is responsible for our ever-growing and developing data attributes. She ensures that JourneyHero data on the Cloud and device are accurate and complete. She leads a team of dedicated researchers who populate datasets about worldwide destinations and then moderates changes to keep that data evergreen. Her superpowers include the ability to regenerate tired datasets, leap hard deadlines with a single bound and she is impervious to almost any challenge! Her biggest similarity with Groot must be her hairstyle and her biggest difference is that she is never silent!


Chief Executive Officer

Superhero role model: Loki
Reach out Shane if you need any tips on Sao Paulo or Shangai –

Shane is the one who conjured JourneyHero into existence. Always a believer in magic, Shane convinced all of the fine women and men to create the future of travel applications. With more than 30 years of travel technology experience, Shane knows that travellers deserve better tools to find great travel deals. His superpowers include his intellect, the ability to magically envision JourneyHero and the skill to project his energy across the entire team. His biggest similarity with Loki is his sense of fun and mischief, but he’s not good at shapeshifting.


Chief Technology Officer

Superhero role model: Doctor Strange
Reach out Jaime if you need any tips on San Salvador –

be a travel superhero
Jaime leads the team of dedicated developers and engineers who make the JourneyHero App such an exciting technology. He manages development, testing, operations, maintenance, security and supplier management. He is a skilled professional with more than three decades of experience ensuring the technology of JourneyHero is rock-solid and protects user privacy and security. His superpowers include levitating the entire technical team and creating an energy shield against security breaches. The biggest difference between Jaime and the Doctor is he can’t hypnotise us into believing that ‘bugs’ are actually ‘undocumented features’!


Chief Legal Advisor

Superhero role model: Cat Woman
Reach out Stavriana if you want any tips on Athens –

Stavriana is JourneyHero’s attorney, business advisor and all-around protector. She keeps us from harm by ensuring that our legal house is in order. She is responsible for helping with our contracts, advising us on company structures, navigating JourneyHero’s regulatory requirements and representing us with other institutions. She is also on our Board of Directors where she provides wise counsel. Like her superhero role model, she is hyper-intelligent, physically strong and incredibly agile. She is as graceful as a panther and just as deadly if you try to argue with her!


Technical Director Europe

Superhero role model: LadyBug
Reach out to Hala if you need tips on Paris-

Hala is our very own tech taming superhero! As Technical Director, Hala is responsible for the development of the JourneyHero App for Android, as well as the testing of the app and the website.  By day, she manages the development teams to ensure that technical requirements are met. By night, she saves the world from technical destruction! Her superpowers include shapeshifting, good luck, and multilingualism. Like LadyBug, Hala is also an expert on Paris!