Company Charter

Our Values and Goals

All data is owned and controlled by the traveller
JourneyHero will never share, copy or sell the traveller’s data
The Traveller is always right and we will find an equitable solution to any problem
Tolerance, fairness and integrity in all that we do
An inclusive community where diversity is celebrated
A Travel App that is designed to benefit the traveller instead of the suppliers
Tools to make it easier, quicker and more secure to find fantastic travel opportunities
A business that operates as the advocate, adviser and supporter of the traveller
Finds better search results than other travel websites and then personalises the results to provide the best solution for each user
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Meet the crew


This is Shane, he is my ‘ideas guy’. He thinks he runs the company but everyone knows he works for me! He suffered thirty years in a corporate job but he learned a thing or two about travel. He started as a computer programmer at American Airlines in 1986 (did they have computers back then??!). Because that was really boring, he started travelling around the world with a company started by American Airlines called ‘Sabre’.

He ran the airline consulting group and then he managed global sales. After seeing many more places than he thought ever existed, he was ‘kicked upstairs’ to run a large geographical region and had a fancy title: Senior Vice President. When he finally came to his senses, he chucked that job and started working for me. Now, he thinks up new cool stuff for me to do to help you. When he is having a relaxed day, Shane does the house-keeping of paying the bills, praising the employees and stuff like that. You can contact him at:


This is Rosa, she’s the one that keeps things running around here. She whips the boys into shape almost as effectively as I do! Rosa is my bestie and is always the first one ready to join me on my travels. Most of the pictures on the site are taken by her personally. Rosa is the resident adventurer. She is liable to be found diving with sharks, avoiding polar bears in the Arctic, sailing on historical tall ships, climbing desert mountains or trekking across Antarctica. If it will test her meddle and fortitude, then athletic Rosa is up for the challenge! Speaking of challenges, Rosa is responsible for operations at JourneyHero and works hard to keep things running smoothly. Only a woman with her prodigious life-experiences can multitask well enough to keep JourneyHero moving forward smoothly. A big part of that work is managing the Digital Marketing Team and the Data Curation Team. In addition, Rosa handles Finance and Administration. Most importantly, Rosa manages our Human Resources function so, if you want a job you can contact her at:


This is Jaime, he is the ‘brains of the outfit’. Jaime handles the technology that makes JourneyHero tick. I guess, he’s sort of like my dad, but like any good dad, he spoils me. He’s always introducing upgrades that make me smarter and better looking. Jaime was the Chief Information Officer for a bunch of cool airlines before he ended up with that cool title ‘Group Chief Architect’ at a little company called IAG – which happens to own a few other ‘small’ airlines like British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus. My boys have dropped more titles than the Italian National Football team! Jaime is not just a pretty face, he knows his technology stuff. He comes from El Salvador where he lives in a volcano – kind of like a villain in a James Bond film. He manages my stack (which isn’t even remotely naughty, so wipe that smile off your face, ok?). He also manages all of our coders, which are the valiant men and women who make me tick. He controls our operations and security, which is a big responsibility! Jaime is calm and cool and he is my favourite one of the boys! You can contact him at:


This is Shaz, she is our Global Citizen. Although she was born in London, she has been travelling the earth since she was a young child. She is equally at home in the Middle East, Asia, the Far East and even Latin America. She especially enjoyed her time living in Australia! All of that travel has taught her about different peoples and cultures. She is the first to embrace new employees and is the most inclusive personality on the team. The decades of seeing the world have given her insight into what travellers need and want. Now, she translates that real-world knowledge into valuable information as a leader on our Data Curation Team. Do you know what type of visa you will need to conduct business in El Salvador? Shaz knows! Do you know every location in the world where you can spend Hilton HHonors points for an award night at a hotel? Shaz knows that too! She ensures all of the data in the JourneyHero App is accurate and informative. Her work makes JourneyHero different from other travel applications because we are travel experts!Contact her at:


This is Katie. She is our company Shaman. She reminds us to be earth-friendly, mystical and free-spirited. Between her yoga classes, crystal therapies, dream catchers and tarot cards, she balances our chakras and ensures that our offices are setup with the principles of Feng Shui! She’s a travel lover but also finds what is magical in our everyday lives. Katie is an adventurous spirit who lives life fully and is always ready for a new trip to anyplace on the map. When she’s not dosing up our Dharmas with herbal tea, she’s handling detailed and complex commercial matters. Katie designs and executes social media campaigns, maintains statistics of how we are doing and manages many commercial activities. Katie also responds to queries, posts on social media and generally channels me in the real world. I guess you could say that Katie is my soul sister! Go ahead and contact her, it’s good karma! You can reach her at:


The crew are supported by my Team.

They are the coolest and hardest working small team spread over three continents. They balance the age of the old boys and their enthusiasm is contagious! We are travel experts. Collectively we have more than 250 years of international travel experience.

JourneyHero believes in diversity and giving young people a chance to gain experience and advancement.

That means we offer flexible hours, good working environments, competitive packages and worldwide locations. That encourages Karolina, who has small children, to work on our Data Curation Team remotely during hours that are convenient for her. This also convinced Claudia to re-enter the workforce after a few years out.

Carlos, who heads our Development Team works from home and still interacts effectively with our developers; Abigail, Luiz, Fran, Marvin and Diego. Zee, our Personnel Manager, works in a completely different city from the other team members.

Finally, our friends at Capa Uno  including Robbie, Mardo, Sabrina and Edwin help to make JourneyHero happen. If you’d like to be a part of our team, send me an email at: