A Spring City Break to Tokyo or New York

Spring is the perfect time for a city break. Cities in spring are full of building excitement, blossoming flowers, and people filling the parks and streets to enjoy the longed-for warmth of the sun. New York and Tokyo are two incredible cities that are top of my list to visit at this time of year.

From cherry blossoms, and park picnics to festivals and street markets, both these cities will breathe new life into any visitor. So how do these two places compare?

Scenery / Activities

Tokyo and New York are exciting and bustling cities that grow even more lively in Spring. While New York is loud and proud and full of character, Tokyo has a serene sense of calculated efficiency despite being the world’s most populated metropolis.

Visiting Tokyo in Spring means experiencing the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossoms), which line the streets, rivers, and parks, and cover the pavements in a dusting of pink petals. New York’s streets also bloom brightly this time of year, with cherry blossoms at the Botanic Gardens and flowers budding out of colourful beds along every street.

Both New York and Tokyo have beautiful green spaces, perfect for escaping the bustle and breathing in the fresh scents of the new season.

Enjoy a picnic in Central Park in New York or take a sunny stroll across the High Line.  In Tokyo, wander through Ueno Park under the canopy of over 1,000 cherry trees.

Ueno Park is also home to a string of Tokyo’s best museums including the Tokyo National Museum as well as strikingly beautiful temples, shrines, and lotus ponds.

Meguro’s cherry blossoms are mega beautiful!

Nezu Museum is a wonderful place to explore Japanese Heritage treasures, after a stroll through the impeccable gardens.

Meanwhile the Museum of Modern Art in New York is a must-visit for art lovers, where an expansive collection of works by artistic visionaries will keep your creative eye satisfied. The Cloisters is a fascinating museum dedicated solely to the architecture of the Middle Ages, and its location over the Hudson River makes it an exceptional place to visit in Spring.

The High Line in the height of Spring!
Marvel at the neo-gothic architecture, and the iconic New York skyline with a walk across Brooklyn Bridge or look out over Tokyo from the observation deck in the Tokyo Skytree, the city’s tallest building.

Immerse yourself in the bustle of the city in New York’s Time Square or experience the epitome of impeccably organised chaos at the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

Both cities have immaculate subway lines that can take you anywhere you need to go, though Japan’s metro is renowned both for its cleanliness and timeliness.

Both Japan and New York are exciting metropolises, filled with people, attractions, and beautiful green spaces. Tokyo wins this round for me with a score of 9.5/10, for its iconic cherry blossoms, and impressive cleanliness, and New York just behind with 9/10 for unbeatable museums and lively energy.

Food and Restaurants

Tokyo and New York both have thriving and exciting food scenes, offering everything from tasty cheap eats to Michelin-Starred dining.

Tokyo is a city drenched in Michelin-Stars, and it’s no wonder, when Japanese cuisine has a sharp focus on quality over quantity. Though while its high-end haunts often steal the show, Tokyo’s cheap eats serve up just as much flavour.

Head to an Izayaka in the Shinjuku district, and try Japan’s version of pub snacks, washed down with some cold sake.

Eat market-fresh sushi and drink beer for breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market. For something special, Il Ristorante – Luca Fantin serves excellent Italian dishes made with Japanese produce or book a seat at the chef’s table at Hakkoku, for an opulent omakase experience.

Shinjuku’s spots are shin-splittingly good!

Meanwhile New York is a city of big, bold flavours, and innovative eateries, with something to suit every taste. Try the tacos from one of the city’s iconic birria trucks for something, quick, affordable, and tasty. Enjoy a New York style pizza slice from Mamas Too! or nibble your way through the dim sum spots of China Town. For a real treat, enjoy dinner at Kochi where the Korean style tasting menu will prove its Michelin-Starred worth.

Tokyo wins this round for me with 10/10 for its impressive high-end restaurants, and affordable yet sumptuous eateries. New York puts up a worthy fight with 9.5/10 with an option for every kind of craving.


Both cities have fantastic nightlife scenes with plenty of options for after-hours enjoyment. From cool cocktail bars and sake spots to buzzing bars and happening nightclubs, there’s so much to do in both cities at night.

Shibuya is Tokyo’s most popular nightlife destination. Sip unique cocktails at Bar Ishinohana, whose original serves won’t be found anywhere else in the city! Immerse yourself in the world of sake at the all-you-can-drink Tsubo no Naka or dance the night away at AgeHa.

Experience one of New York’s most bustling bars at Moxy Times Square. Pick a drink from the extensive cocktail menu and enjoy stunning views of the Manhattan skyline at this rooftop bar.

It’s about time you squared up and went to New York!
Le Bain is the glitz and glamour nightclub, where floor to ceiling windows, a dancefloor hot tub, and striking outdoor rooftop make for a fantastic evening.

For something laid back, head to one of the city’s many speakeasies or wine bars, and while away the evening with a large glass of wine.

New York wins this round for me with 9/10, and Tokyo 8/10. Tokyo’s nightlife is colourful and exciting, but New York just has it all.


Both cities have an array of accommodation options spread across the city. With everything from boutique boltholes to high-end hotels, Tokyo and New York have a competitive selection for every kind of stay.

Enjoy Empire State Building views at the former hat factory and tearoom, the Refinery Hotel. Now a luxury hotel with chic décor, comfortable rooms and a prime location make it a fantastic choice.

The Standard is an excellent hotel with cool interiors and stunning views located in the buzzing Meatpacking District.

For a beautiful boutique stay, book a room at Moxy NYC Chelsea where guests will find cool and quirky interiors and a glass-enclosed rooftop lounge.

Tokyo is a city of the future!

In Tokyo The Peninsula Tokyo is an opulent option for classic luxury, while the Amman is an oasis of zen wellness, boasting sleek minimalist interiors, and Japanese Heritage design. Claska is one of Tokyo’s first design hotels, and a hipster haven. Enjoy comfortable rooms, modern interiors, and a friendly atmosphere in an off-the-grid location. Don’t worry, they offer complimentary bicycles to help you get around!

Tokyo’s hotels are stunning from the design to the service, whilst New York has a few more options for every kind of budget. They come out equal in this round for me with a score of 9/10.


New York



  • Exciting atmosphere
  • Fabulous nightlife
  • Something for everyone
  • Beautiful blossoms
  • Incredible food scene
  • Flawless public transport system


  • Less clean than Tokyo
  • New York is colder at this time of year
  • Occasional earthquakes
  • Densely populated



So which city comes out on top for a holiday this Spring? When it comes to numbers, these two cities tie with a final score of 9.1/10. The numbers don’t lie, these two cities are fabulous destinations, and ones I would recommend visiting at every time of year. If I had to pick one for spring, the spectacle of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms, is a sight to behold, while New York warms up more towards summer. Experience both and you won’t be disappointed!





4 Comments to “A Spring City Break to Tokyo or New York”

  1. Got to make my way to Tokyo. Was Just in NYC recently and I can attest that its not a clean or warm place LOL.

    WanderingKellers at 2:18 pm
    1. Thank you for reading us, yes, all great cities have their perks and downsides, but the amazing thing about travelling is to experience the best and will become an unforgettable memory.

      With love,


      Isabella at 3:40 pm
  2. Both cities are so beautiful! I love the comparisons. I would always choose Tokyo myself, but I suppose that’s because I’m from the good ol’ US of A. Tokyo’s beauty (and food!) draws me in!

    Jen Nilsson at 6:27 pm
    1. Yes, I agree with you, Tokyo has earned to be one of the top cities to travel to! Thank you for your comment,

      Greetings from the cloud,


      Isabella at 5:24 pm

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